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You aren't wrong. The game really is super fascinating.

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And I'm sure it still is.

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What are the two games? Gears and Forza 7?

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I admire Ubisoft Toronto trying to do something different for a change. The toys also seem to be of surprisingly high quality.

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I wasn't impressed with what I played at E3, but here's hoping the game gets better (there's still a few months left in development).

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I'm a fan of this game, that's for sure. I just hope Ubisoft changes up the formula a bit. Far Cry 5 felt far too similar to every other Far Cry game.

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It was great to sit down and chat to the team, though I wish they would have revealed a more solid release date.

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I highly doubt that any game already released that's going to be updated with "enhanced" features will support native 4K. It'll either be checkerbox or, despite what Mircrosoft is saying, upscaled. Spencer is just saying that 30 games will be updated to support 4K, not true 4K. There's a stark difference there.

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I don't think he's necessarily lying, but the messaging surrounding the system's 4K functionality is certainly wonky.

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4K enhanced is vastly different from true 4K.

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It would be nice to get some clear answers from Microsoft about this. Unfortunately that doesn't seem to be happening, at least not yet.

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Sometimes Breath of the Wild doesn't look great, this is true, especially if you're playing on a TV. The game is, however, about so much more than just graphics... and that's what I'm trying to explain in my story.

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I think that's a common misconception. Sure, a Nintendo exec said that once in an interview, but it's really true.

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I think it's not only me that believes the Switch is competing with the PS4 and Xbox One, but also Nintendo....

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I think it's totally fair to expect Uncharted and The Last of Us level facial animation from a top tier second-party Sony game.

Life Is Strange is an indie game developed by an extremely small team, so I don't think the comparison is fair at all.

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Yea, that's not how video game development works, sorry...

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My one issue is the facial animations in horizon; they're just not up to the standard of other games.

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It's pretty damn great.

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You must have a dope toaster.

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The Switch is not an upgraded 3DS.... especially since Nintendo still intends to support the 3DS for the foreseeable future.

You can think that the Switch isn't competing with the Xbox One and PS4, but that doesn't change the fact that Nintendo believes that Sony and Microsoft are still its main competitors.

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