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You what? PS3 has had blu-ray AND a browser from day one? Are you high, son?

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Nothing wrong with the price. Anyone who knows anything about technical specifications knows that this system is real value for money. It's still more powerful than any tablet and phone out there, and does pretty much all the same things except for make phone calls and email, yet it costs less than half the price of high end mobile devices.

What Vita needs is games. It has plenty atm and I'm content, but it needs a multitude of big hitters to attract more buyers. Loo...

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Meanwhile, worldwide..... http://cache.kotaku.com/ass...

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If they weren't idiots they could have lapped up the Mass Effect franchise after the success of the first one. Not to mention, where Final Fantasy XIII failed, Lost Odyssey could have easily been worked on and become the Xbox's answer to the franchise. After all FFXIII on the 360 sold 1.5 million...Lost Odyssey sold 700k...thats not THAT bad considering. It had potential.

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C'mon son. The things been out for like 2 months and theres plenty to buy on it already. E3 is next month and I'm sure Sony will announce stuff then. People are acting as if Vita's the only system to ever suffer this. Every console I know suffers similar droughts at the start of their life cycle, and even then I'd argue Vita's launch was far more impressive than any system to be released in recent memory.

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Yeah I think that they are for sure. Just today I was playing Rush in a rented server. The guy who had rented the server and was acting as admin was in a Helicopter, absolutely terrorising my team. We would have taken it out....except he had banned stingers.....Fucking disgusting if you ask me. The BF3 community is really starting to annoy me with how cheap they can be just to score points or kills. First it was with that disgusting USAS + Frag Rounds combo, now with some horrible rules in th...

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Real talk. They need to be there in time for the launch of Assassins Creed and Black Ops 2. No point releasing the Wii U afterwards so the PS3 and 360 can get further monopoly on the games sales.

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Needs a new engine first and foremost. And how about a new publishers/developer while you're at it.

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I think that at the moment, the lack of software and the uncertain software future, for the average consumer makes Vita quite a weak product. To me it's fine. I have 5 great Vita games, and a tonne of PSP games on my memory card, and looking forward to Gravity Rush, Dragons Crown, Persona 4 Golden. But that's just me, and they're niche titles.

We'll find out how Sony is going to answer this at E3. Really looking forward to it.

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You fail to realise that the biggest money sink this generation is marketing
Marketing costs are sometimes much higher than the development costs of games. This model of course needs to change going into next generation, because the industry is becoming too hollywood in its predictability and software output strategy.

Secondly, the platform holders need to release consoles that aren't as closed and alien as the Xbox 360 and PS3 were. ...

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No word of a lie I think it's possible. I sincerely doubt Microsoft will seeing as it'll just be more of the same. As for Nintendo, I think they also have a chance to steal the show and I'm really looking forward to seeing what they bring to the table. Sony however, they've got a lot of potential stuff, I just pray they don't f*ck it all up

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If I see:

The Last Guardian
The Last of Us
PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale
God of War Ascension
1 or 2 new PS3 game reveals
Vita game reveals

Then I'll be a happy man. And I know that I'll see all of that. Can't wait. Another year, another embarrassment from Microsoft while Nintendo and Sony collectively steal the show. Believe.

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Game just looks glorious in 60fps. This'll be a perfect stop gap while I wait for Super Smash Bros 4. It's a shame the character reveals are so spread out though. According to the official site the next character reveal(s) will be in 35 days, most likely to coincide with E3.

Here's the list of characters I want to see:

Nathan Drake
Cole McGrath
Jak & Daxter
Ratchet & Clank
Kat (Gravity Rush)

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Well they're all idiots because I know for a fact that they most likely haven't played the likes of Jump Super/Ultimate Stars, DreamMix TV World Fighters, Viewtiful Joe Red Hot Rumble, Digimon Rumble Arena, Onimusha Blade Warriors, Digimon Battle Spirit, Hitman Reborn Flame Rumble....I could go on.

The Smash Bros formula has been 'copied' for years, just be less known developers and franchises, yet no one had a problem then. Disgusting.

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As CountBleck said, theres no such thing as a western RPG and Japanese RPG. They're not genre's. Back when Dragon Quest first came into being, it was simply classified as a 'lite-RPG' or just a 'console-RPG'. The genre, thats come to be known as JRPG, is simply just console RPG, which starting with Dragon Quest, was created to streamline the RPG experience on PC's so that it could work on the NES.

The only reason RPG's coming from the west tend...

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I made a post like this earlier. Forgot Viewtiful Joe Red Hot Rumble though lol I have that on the PSP. Really good game. But yeah, theres been Super Smash Bros. 'Clones' for decades. Only reason this one is getting hate is because it's a Sony game and, bar Jump Ultimate/Super Stars, it's one of the online Smash Bros. type games that has half of chance of actually succeeding. It's just pure Nintendo fanboy FUD.

I'm a huge fan of Smash Bros. to the poin...

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Cole McGrath
Nathan Drake
Jak & Daxter
Ratcher & Clank
Cloud Strife
A Nissan GTR (lol)
Crash Bandicoot

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In b4...bu bu but its a Nintendo rip off...




- The conference will open with a demo of Black Ops 2. As it ends Microsoft exec will come back on stage clapping, giving the biggun about how the 360 is the best place to play CoD and then go on to chat about timed exclusive map packs.

- 3rd party games that I can play on my PS3 as well will be shown, a few of them having 360 exclusive Kinect features (lol)

- An image will come up on screen saying (everything from this point is exclusive to Xbox 360)...we...

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