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TextualBeef....they treat me with some of the best games I've played this generation. Have at me.

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Since when was it ever Sony's goal to stand out against Apple. Get out of here. The system is in my opinion, better quality. More powerful still, than any handheld device Apple (or any other tablet/smartphone maker) has on the market right now.

The quality of the games is above and beyond anything tablets will ever seen graphically and gameplay wise. And it costs half of what the iPad does. So, for gamers, it's a no brainer as to which one to pick in my opinion, which...

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The question is, where are the hordes of EA haters over the on disc DLC for Mass Effect 3 which arguably, a larger percentage of people are buying. As I said elsewhere, the majority of people who are slating Capcom over the DLC incident never had any interest in the game to begin with. Simple case of people on forums loving every moment they can get to become a temporary arm chair critic.

What is evident to me over the past few days is the exact reason as to why N4G is seen ...

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Not sure why you've got disagree's because I agree. Gears 3 and Arkham City are the only really impressive UE3 games I've seen on consoles this generation. Battlefield 3 and Crysis 2 on consoles impressed me far more. The lighting and physics involved, especially Frostbites ability to aid the rendering of such inctricate destruction on 6-7 year old hardware is more impressive than anything UE3 has done.

Only thing that impresses me about that engine is its ease of...

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Pretty sure 99.9% of N4G could have come to this conclusion. It's been obvious for nearly half a decade now that, going into next generation, the Wii is going to need a competent network if they want to drag people way from the hours they've invested into their XBL and PSN profiles.

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I've already got 36 hours out of this game, lord knows how many I'll get out of it over the next few months, especially when I get more time. Paying £50 for the Limited Edition, plus the money I'll pay for the characters doesn't personally phase me...and I'm no fool, I can assure you.

For me, certain fighting games are worth the price of DLC. I got over 1000 hours out of Super Street Fighter IV. And I paid £25 + £12 for the Arcade Edition Pa...

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Isn't it obvious? If MGS HD Collection and MG Rising are, then it's evident Konami want a multiplat future for MGS. Do I care? Nah, doesn't stop me from buying my MGS games on PlayStation platforms.

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Assets wise maybe, but I hate Unreal Engine 3. Nearly every game I play that uses it looks the same graphically. Theres something off about the overall image quality and colour with a lot of them that I just don't like. Not to mention what godmars said, they'l crash twice as much.

Epic need to start making more diverse games. All I see them as now are people looking to sell Game Engines who have no developer talent aside from making Gears of War. Inb4BulletStorm.

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People want console quality handheld games then cry when those games have console quality prices. You do realise that Sony seem to be the only ones that adhere to the digital SKU being cheaper on the store policy. The pricing of 3rd party digital games on PS Store is solely up to the publishers of said game. That £44.99 price tag FIFA Football on Vita has slapped onto it isn't Sony's fault. Blame greedy 3rd parties.

If you actually look, Sony's first party ti...

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The game had so much replay value, and so many levels it'd be hard to top. I'd love to see them try though. One of the best games I played in 2011.

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I can smell multiplat. The f*ck is going on here. We all expected the info to ramp up after FFXIII released...two freakin years ago...mother of god T__T

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Kind of wish I had bought the PS3 version now which I was originally going to do if it weren't for the fact that I prefer using my TE Arcade Stick for the Xbox 360 as opposed to the SE one I have for my PS3. Much more comfortable. But alas, what can you do. The games fantastic so Capcom's lucky. However they really need to fix the netcode. Lag and buggy sound are incredibly distracting, man.

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Game prices used to be a lot higher, and yet the budgets were only a fraction of what they are now. How people can complain about game prices these days is beyond me, when some back in the day cost nearly twice the amount and could easily be completed within an hour or two. Did you start gaming this gen?

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16GB is what I went with. Priced fairly and gives a good amount of storage. Only things that take up real space on mine atm are the PSP games I have on there. And even then I still have about 10GB left.

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That boss fight obliterated me about 50 times before I was able to do it. Despite it's difficulty, it was glorious. You had to be on the move CONSTANTLY. Loved it.

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Why does this guy swear so much?

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So do most Western Games though. I can list more Japanese games that I've found difficult this generation than I can western games. And I've played an equal amount of HD games from both sides of the pond.

I think what blow highlighted here was the problem with game design in the 21st century in general.

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The US and European Porn Industries are huge. That is all.

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The Vita is more powerful, has better games, is cheaper, and is better designed for games. This shouldn't even be an article. What a stupid comparison. The only thing the new iPad has going for it is that insane resolution which is gonna eat up all that processing and graphical juice.

As the above poster said. iPad is a web browser that can run mini games. End of.

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