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Going by that logic, the PS3 failed as well...seeing as the PS3 sold 150 million units. The f*ck out of here, son.

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Dreamcasts screen was COMPLETELY different. Please don't use such a terrible and one sided point of comparison. It wasn't colour, it didn't stream full console games, it didn't have a resistive touch screen, it didn't have full audio....I could go on. This isn't a screen controller in the same way the Dreamcasts was. I mean for a start, its BUILT IN...not an attachment. Did you even own a Dreamcast?

Anyway this article is beyond stupid. The 3DS is prov...

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Never in my life, have I seen a game so good, get so little recognition. It's such a shame. Having a blast with the Vita version. I'd go so far as to say its platforming perfection. Will definitely remember it in 15 years time, personally.

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The title made me think there was more than one game coming. And, when I clicked it, it's just as I thought, Disgaea 3 is the only one coming this month. Not really a problem though, can't wait to get it.

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My body is ready. Have my JP copy of Pokemon White 2 pre-ordered at Play-asia. The anticipation for screenshots is killing me.

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I sincerely doubt Sony is going to block the use of used games, make it so you HAVE to be connected to the internet to play games AND, give us no backwards compatibility with PS3 games all at once. They can't be that stupid. They'd loose so many sales, possibly from myself included, despite being a PlayStation fan from the beginning, I'm not so blind as to support something so foul for the consumer.

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Uncharted will never be on Xbox 360. Zelda will never be on Xbox 360. Who cares?

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Wrong. To everyone of my fellow british countrymen, we know the real cause. And that's online retail. Sites like Amazon and Shopto have been eating away at high street market share for a good few years now. Shopto offer a better reward service with their points, slightly cheaper prices and usually get products to you a day or two before release, every time without fail. Not to mention their console launch bundles, for Vita especially were unmatched.

GAME chose to ride the...

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Yeah...no...only today, did another Bitmob article surface http://bitmob.com/articles/...

Clearly they're on an anti-Sony hate campaign active today. Don't give these idiots the hits. They don't deserve them.

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I agree. While people say Pokemon, Mario, Zelda etc are becoming too samey, in my opinion Skyward Sword and Super Mario 3D Land felt fresh as ever when I played through them. However, Mario Kart 7 bored me to hell. It really needs to evolve. Because unlike Zelda and Mario, there's less obvious ways to change it like new story, new gameplay mechanics, weapons etc. I think the User Generation Content Route is where they need to go. While LBP Karting and ModNation Racers won't sell nearl...

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I do. A lot. Gives the game a lot more intellectual integrity. I like to think a lot of other gamers are like myself, and don't go to games simply for explosions and on rails machine gun sequences. The amount of stuff I've learned from Assassins Creed, history wise, is crazy. Beats me doing my usual activity of tralling through Wikipedia every night, reading about historical figures and events. That's just me though.

@Agreed. It's what makes the AC series qui...

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Problem is that, it's less the game thats impressing them...it's the sales it has. That's all they look to it for. And as such, games like Final Fantasy and Resident Evil have suffered, because Japanese developers assume thats what needs to be done to sell games in the west.

I've come to the conclusion however, that Call of Duty sells because its Call of Duty these days. It's less to do with the actual gameplay being anything special, because its not. It&#...

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Nope. They're just both bad games that fall far short of the usual high quality of their respective franchises.

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Indeed, it would be in your best interest if this wasn't the case, Gamestop.

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I think its one of the best in the franchise. With one of the best stories. A lot of people found the story boring because it was 'all about politics'. But to be honest, that gave it depth and a higher level of require intellectual engagement. If you didn't engage with it, sucks to be you really. Only complaint really was the generally forgettable cast of characters.

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Wheres the PS3 localisation?

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Itagaki will be furious.

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It's getting old now, I can't lie. Gameplay is forever seeming to take a back seat in favour of cinematics sequences with quick time events and explosions. As much as I loved Uncharted 3, after playing that and more recently Golden Abyss, I don't want another Uncharted for a while because I'm getting fatigued on cinematic experiences. It's the reason Battlefield 3's campaign was so shallow imo. We need deeper and more rewarding gameplay, aided by great level design whi...

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Quantity =/= Quality. Name me one game running on Unreal Engine, on current generation consoles, that's doing nearly as much as what CryEngine 3 and Frostbite 2.0 did on their debut console games? You won't be able to name me a single one.

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InB4 anti-Capcom Warriors, N4G Squadron....Capcom, all my money. All of it!

@Sony do Online Passes, EA does on disc DLC, Microsoft charges for online gaming, something that free everywhere else. Every publisher, save for what, Valve?...fleece their customers of money. Fact.

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