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It's coming then at least. It's just about when

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I'll take any stop gap that gives me Monster Hunter Rayman Legends, Pikmin 3, Smash Bros 4, Bayonetta 2, HD Zelda, HD Mario and god knows what else to come. Try harder bro.

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Day one here. Currently have the Premium Bundle pre-ordered along with a copy of Rayman Legends. However, I want the white model more simply because my handhelds and consoles (at least from the past 5 years) are all black and it'd be nice to have a change. We'll see though. November 30th can't come soon enough.

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It's not really dumb when both games sold quite poorly, showing a clear lack of interest from the average PS3/360 user. I bought and loved both, and I'm glad both are getting sequels. This site never ceases to amaze me.

The general consensus from the average PS3/360 user on Rayman was that it was 2D so paying full retail price for it was a no no because clearly being 2D was a clear indication that not enough effort was made in developing it....ignoring the fact the g...

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There are no words *facepalm*

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The battle system was a stroke of genius. Shame about the rest of the game.

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Sensationalist article? Sensationalist article. I'll stick with my 3DS and PS Vita thanks. Better games and better controls. As a gamer, that's all I care about. All of the extra fluff like Apps etc? My phone can do which I take with me all the time. I don't need my PS Vita to do all of that stuff. And it fits perfectly in my bag which I take out with me 95% of the time that I go out.

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Says the company that has a game that they announce before this gen started that still isn't out yet. Given Square Enix Japan's console output this generation, they have no place saying this generation is too long. They've barely released any good HD games.

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Just like Sony was playing catch up with Blu-ray, Standardised Wifi, HDMI, Rechargeable controllers, standard HDD's, graphics and internet browsers integrated into their consoles OS, amirite?

Simmer down Microsoft. Fact is they genuinely have nothing to answer this move which could be one of the smartest things a company in the game industry has done in years. Soak in them tears Microsoft. While you were buying time exclusive deals for Capcom demo's and Kanye West per...

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Must be. Biggest POS hardware I've ever seen. It looks cheap, doesn't come with a charger, and to boot, still no second analogue? Yeah, no. I'll stick with my 3DS Original and PS Vita.

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Same price as the PS Vita then. Nintendo are an absolute joke. While the 3DS announcements software wise today got my hyped, especially the KH3D and Theatrythmn demo's, Nintendo has once again shown they don't have a clue how to make hardware anymore.

This 3DS XL looks cheap and to boot it still lacks dual analog. And at £180? P*ss off Nintendo.

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My guess is that it releases in time for the launch of Assassin's Creed III which is probably one of if not the most important game so far announced for Wii U's launch. Reason being it'll test the waters on hardcore support and whether future big, core 3rd party titles are viable on the platform.

Personally while I'm getting a Wii U day one, I'm getting AC3 on PS3, like I did with AC2,ACB and ACR. And I'm sure millions more will do the same.

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It was legit. The fact a law firm who's client base consists of various companies INCLUDING Microsoft, got the source website to take down the document is very telling.

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But it did. Anyone saying otherwise is delusional. Theres a reason the majority of AAA 3rd party games aren't on the Wii. I kept mine because despite its weak software offerings, Nintendo's first party titles + gems like Muramasa, The Last Story, TvC and Xenoblade are must plays.

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But I can use Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and a host of other applications on my PS3 as well. I fail to see your point personally. I know Microsoft is emphasizing the media hub idea more than Sony, but they're putting all their eggs in one basket.

When Smart TV's take off and people realise that all this 'value' MS is offering is behind a pay wall, it's going to be a rude awakening for Microsoft. Mark my words.

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End of the day, what a lot of Americans forget is that actually, the Patriots, for the most part, were actually British people. Most of them would have had British Accents and in fact the vast majority of the Founding Fathers were of British Blood.

The Revolutionary War was more of a Civil War, just not fought in home soil like most civil wars. All it was was greedy Europeans/British people living in the colonies wanting freedom from heavy taxes and British law, essentially s...

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And this is why, I don't go on Kotaku. So petty, especially when it comes to anything Sony related. I swear Sony blacklisted them. Don't quote me on that though.

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Go away. You think the Russians and Arabs cry over the countless western FPS that have you killing waves and waves of their country men for the sake of some made up dude bro story? At least in Assassin's Creed III, the historical context is there.

I'm British as well and I couldn't care less about killing Brits in a game where you're on the side of the Americans (for the most part). If you were killing waves of Americans in the name of the British instead, you...

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Problem is with your argument, what little Nintendo did show of 1st party games on Wii U weren't impressive either. I'd argue they were lazier than the 3rd party games. Hell, New Super Mario Bros. U looks like a Wii game running in Dolphin, except it isn't 1080p.....

Nintendo's lucky that Rayman Legends and Pikmin 3 are launch/launch window games. That'll get a fair few 'core gamers' on board pretty early on, myself included.

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Considering the hardware aside from the tablet tech is about 7 years old, as well as the tablet itself being a glorified DS screen with buttons, I don't think it's gonna cost much to build these things. However, I hope Nintendo isn't arrogant like they were with the 3DS and sell it well above what its actually worth. That'd only go to show they haven't learned from their mistakes.

Anything above £250 is pushing it. Above £300 and it'll be a d...

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