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It wasn't impressive at all. The particle effects were nice, as was the lighting but I've seen better. If Square Enix hadn't shown off Luminous Engine the day before, I might have been more impressed but I didn't see anything that was above and beyond what we have this generation.

The textures and bump mapping on surfaces was atrocious. I've seen better examples this generation in fact. Maybe when we see it used in an actual game it'll look good but t...

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It was never likely in the first place. When has Rockstar ever published two games in the same fiscal year?

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This. I'm buying it day one simply because of Pikmin 3 and Rayman Legends. As well as the prospect of Zelda, a 3D Mario, Smash Bros etc in the future which are givens. But I know that Pikmin's appeal is limited, and Mario's relevance within the core demographic of gamers, outside of fans of Nintendo like myself, is limited as well.

I already know for a fact that when the PS4 comes out, like the PS3 before it, it'll be my main system, with the next Xbox as my s...

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Gravity Rush
Sly Cooper Thieves in Time
PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale
New Little Kings Story
Persona 4 Golden
Metal Gear Solid HD Collection
Jet Set Radio
Soul Sacrifice
Assassin's Creed 3: Liberation

Yeah, no. I'm not worried. At least as to whats coming in 2012. 2013 I'm worried for though. But theres still 6 months left of this year. Plenty of time to announce 2013 software beyond Dragons Cro...

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After seeing The Last of Us, I couldn't care what lazy PC developers think about consoles. Crytek is one of the laziest of them all in fact. If you don't like what consoles offer then don't develop for them. It's not like your mediocre, generic shooters with pretty visual effects are in hot demand anyway.

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Yeah that seemed odd to me. I remember at Nintendo's financial report last month, them specifically showing that the PS3 was ahead in units sold worldwide for the last fiscal year by over 1 million. Not sure how much that could have changed in a month and a half but hey, congrats if true

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They had to sell 3 million to break even/keep the company afloat. It's a new IP....The industry is fucked.

Condolences to all who last their jobs. I'm gonna have to buy a copy of this to give me support for their work. Never got round to picking it up.

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Well, Dragon can also be said, Dracul...and if you played Lords of Shadow, you know what I'm referring to. Can't wait

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- Major update for PS3. There hasn't been a significant one in AGES

- Exclusive software for Vita that goes beyond ports and PS3/Vita multiplatform titles. There needs to be more software like Gravity Rush that can ONLY be done on Vita.

- Push PS Suite for Vita like nothing they've done before. The possibilities that platform can open up for PS Vita are mind numbing.

- PS3 exclusives. The usual deal. We all know that Sony will provide...

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Since it's at MCM Expo, I assume its a European Release of Persona Golden or P4 Arena. But if its unannounced as in not announced ANYWHERE, then it's anybodies guess.

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Well I can tell you now, while Resident Evil Revelations is the best game on the system, next to Mario 3D Land, and probably the best Resi game in years, it is precisely a watered down 'console experience'. I could make the same case for Mario Kart 7, Super Mario 3D Land, and Monster Hunter Tri G which is a port of a Wii game anyway.

Kid Icarus is also severely crippled, control wise by the lack of dual analog. Ironically, Mario Kart 7, Monster Hunter Tri G and 3D Lan...

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Read the contract guys. It's pretty sickening. Highlights include Activision terminating the contract if the game doesn't sell 5 million units in 6 months, and Bungie won't get their $2.5 Million Bonus if the game doesn't achieve 90 or above on Game Rankings and Metacritic.

This an absolutely HUGE leak. Blows the doors wide open.

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You'd be surprised about the amount of stuff that leaks on there. Most recently a guy on there broke news about Pokemon Black and White 2....the fact they were sequels, the fact they were called Black and White 2..etc. He broke that news on there in 2011. A good few months before the actual reveal.

No way in hell anyone could have randomly guessed that. Since it's a GAF Post, and I know the sorts of people who frequent that forum, I'm gonna watch with one eye open...

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The hype train....I think I may just buy a ticket

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That'd be really cool. But I swear only recently it got a really significant update. My most recent use of it was a lot more pleasurable than former uses. Flash sites and live feed technology websites like Facebook and Twitter worked like a charm.

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Piss off

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This is probably one of the worst articles I've ever seen written in my life. It seems as though its written by someone who knows a lot about Zelda, but absolutely nothing about how the videogames market works. Twilight Princess on the Wii sold 6 million relatively early on in the Wii's life cycle...in fact it was a launch title.

A 17 million + install base is more than enough to sell the next 3DS Zelda game too. The game hasn't even been announced. Lets not make...

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Well you're talking rubbish. PS3 has a higher attach rate than the Xbox 360 now, Sony are constantly announcing new games, their online service has remained free for the entire generation, they fund interesting a new IP.....what the hell does 'less activated systems even mean'? Theres more people using PSN than there are XBL. Theres a lot less people with dual accounts out there than you think wasteman.

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