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I know right!? who wants to play a 15 year old game for free when you can be charged $15 ass tax for the PSN version :S

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Na man they need to sink a good 2000hrs into a game before they get to have an opinion


If I buy a game and it blows within the first 5 hrs, then it blows period. Anyone who says otherwise is clutching at straws. If I go to a movie and I've given it an hr and it is still going no where, then I'm walking the F out.

lol @ people throwing around developers names as if they were rock starts, get the over yourselves.


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Apple sucks. For the cost of an i-pad you can buy a full blown laptop.

1 button mouses and Mp3 players ( oops I mean AC3 players ) with massive failure rates FTW!


I'd like to know what the point is. The ONLY reason people use mac is for the propriety music and video editing programs.


A mac does not have proprietry hardware and hasn't had for about 10 years. SO why would ANYONE buy a ma...

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If the Wii is finished then the other consoles are dead and buried. Funny how a console that is finished still sells far more than the others per week and has also made money per unit sold from day 1.

Even if the other sold twice as many by the end of the generation Nintendo still will have made them so much more money that they have license to do whatever the hell they want. Whereas I doubt the others will release another console for at least 3 more years because they are s...

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lol, if you said that in RL you would totally be the coolest cat around /s

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You could have just summed up that entire post by posting this:

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Cabbage Patch dolls are also more popular then Baby Born dolls...

Not sure why anyone cares which plastic lunch box is the most popular.

I mean I know I would be totally stoked if my favourite pass time was on the Toys 'R' Us best seller list.....


@El Jugador

He's getting his post-modern on, the avatar he uploaded was identical to the avatar-less background.

Very sneaky and ...

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Stupid argument is stupid, graphics are part of 'gameplay' they are not mutually exclusive. It is hard to enjoy a game or comment on atmosphere when there is chronic aliasing and blocky environments or insane levels of pop in. All these things contribute to how a game plays. The core gameplay mechanics vary very little from game to game, eg. shooting or control mechanics, levelling up mechanics. The things that make a game special are the environments/art style/'atmosphere' an...

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GTAIV was totally a 10/10


The whole scoring system these days is insane, fanboys have made 10/10 the new 8/10.

ME2 is my example of a near perfect game this generation. IMO it should have scored an 8 because unlike fanboys claim, ALL games have room for improvement.

Dragon Age got universal 9/10 and even 8/10...

It should have been a 7 or even a 6.5.

Basically you just take 2 points away f...

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*Claps closed fists like a retarded Seal*

Yep this DLC, I mean expansion is going to really make BFBC2 something special...


The first part about me being a retarded seal was legit, the comment about this DLC/Expansion offering anything of value...was sarcastic

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I don't care if Lulu is a game want.

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2011 hasn't even begun and it's already the best year of gaming for me in a very very long time. New I.P's awesome sequels.

TBH 2010 was a disappointment. I had a big list of games at the start of the year but as the hype machine's layers peeled away a lot of 'OMFG!!!' games were average, AVP3, BFBC2...etc etc

Dead Space 2, Mass Effect 2, Bioshock Infinite, Dragon Age 2, Rage, The Witcher 2, Brink, Bulletstorm, Crysis 2, Deus Ex:HR, He...

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Don't kid yourself...I know people sleep better fitting games they play into the 'hardcore' category, but a linear TPS is about as commercial or 'mainstream' as they come.

I don't know why people praise shooters so much. The only shooter with originality this gen has been Bioshock.


I have a better strategy that petitioning them after giving them $60 for the game you bought last...

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If I had a dollar for every time a PS3 gamer said "quality > sales" I would be a millionaire, and now in the face of flop reviews sales are of utmost importance.



What are you talking about hypocrite, I'm just going off what PS3 fangirls said about Fable 3 and ME2 etc, every time a review was under 9 they called it a flop, double standards much?

I think in an age ...

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Awww hell yeah man!!, now I can augment my reality while I game in 4D even better!.

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Holy crap dude!!!, the conspiracy has gone global, Illuminati, Freemasons, the Vatican...they're all in on it, and I think I just figured it...they all work for M.S!!!


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I think this game will show that this generation of games haven't even started yet, both graphically and in gameplay.

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I came for the T&A...sadly the thumbnail for the article appeared to be in no way linked to the article content...I don't care if I was tricked, getting tricking into looking at Tron T&A is my kind of trick.

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Would a site with 'Sony' or 'Playstation' be a more unbiased and reliable source? I think not.

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But they did...there was no Rogue Squadron or Mario game at is that?

I have owned every Nintendo console and the Wii is the first one I sold before the generation ended.

It was so far behind the others hardware wise that whereas last gen it has some of the best looking multiplats, it didn't even have those multiplats...

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