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inb4 Inside_out #2
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Can't pass this up. #9
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I personally think they should add a sandbox mode before adding online. #1
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Looks pretty cool. Can't wait until the Fall. #1
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"No...these things are what make a FPS a FPS, you don't see Half life with Nazi enemies do you or the goal of Halo is to reach an elevator to finish a level. Each game adds differen't things to set it's self apart...or at least TRY to. "

Building/deleting blocks while moving around in a world built out of blocks is what makes the block building genre the block building genre. Total Miner, FortressCraft, Minecraft, and Terraria all use that same concept a... #1.1.6
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"Except they don't use the same concept or gameplay mechanics from Wolfenstein in every other FPS"

You are joking right? Moving around in a 3D world with a first person view shooting people. I would say that the base of the gameplay is exactly the same. Also, by your naming logic, Gears of War is a ripoff of God of War because they both end with "of War". It is in the same genre, it is not a clone as stated before. Terraria is a... #1.1.3
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NFS: Underground 3 would be very much appreciated. #12.1
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Just because they are in the same genre and the genre was popularized by Minecraft, does not mean every single game made after Minecraft in this genre is a ripoff. Going by your logic, every FPS after Wolfenstein 3D is a ripoff of it. #1.1
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Incorrect. Alpha and Beta are terms used in the video gaming industry to indicate milestones in the game's development. Alpha is widely considered to be the "first playable" and can contain some crash bugs and lots of other bugs. Beta is considered to be "content complete" and should have no crashes but can still have lots of lower level bugs.

EDIT - Just for clarification, content complete means that the content of the game is in and will not change v... #1.1.3
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I am just going to wait for DICE to officially announce the specs.

EDIT - Just read this in the Alpha FAQ:

Q: Are the specs I have seen on the internet the official recommended Windows PC specs for Battlefield 3?

A: We have not announced our recommended or minimum specs so anything at this point is speculation. If you have been invited to the Windows PC version of the Alpha, the recommended specs for this particular test, and thus not reflec... #2
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They really should bring back Nylund. His writing was tremendous. #2
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Consistency is key to proper trolling. Your friend forgot the brackets around "Beta". #10.1
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Yeah this was posted on their YouTube channel on June 6th. #1.2
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MW3 best new features?
Destructi... oh wait.
Vehicl... oh wait.
Big ma... oh wait.
New engi... oh wait. #2
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Not sure why people are disagreeing with facts... The Xbox 360 failure rate was 50%+ on the first model. Though that has dropped significantly down to less than 4% after the Jasper model was introduced. #29.1.1
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Yeah I love my Samsung Focus. I didn't realize how sluggish iOS was until I got my WP7. I use my iPod Touch on a constant basis but WP7 is easily better than it. Can't wait for later this year when Samsung officially announce that the Galaxy S II will be coming as a Mango device. #4.3
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Technically speaking, RRoD has left but it was a major flaw with the 360 for a while after release. #29.1
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Just a note to people complaining about RRoD and YLOD; were you not alive for the cartridge era? I remember having to pull out the cartridge of my frozen game a lot and blow on it to make it work again. I have lost one Xbox 360 to the RRoD but back in the day I probably had to try and remove dust from the cartridge thousands of times. #26
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I have to agree. Support for TDU2 has been shit. Forza 4 or Shift 2 deserved to be on that list more than TDU2. #4.1
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Your name reflects the problem with your argument. BF3 gameplay is a major step up from CoD. #1.5
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