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Well, since you blocked my PM's like an immature child. Here is my response to your last PM.

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I think FortressCraft has moved too far forward to still be called a "clone". If you really want a legitimate clone of Minecraft, go play Total Miner (XBLIG) or SurvivalCraft (WP7).

With regards to the article; "A quick glance through the most popular games on Xbox LIVE Arcade will make it pretty clear that Minecraft is no longer the only blocky sandbox building game out there." That statement is very untrue. There are no voxel games in the XBLA. Also, Min...

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I fail to see the difference between milk and MW3.

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Fixed that up. Thanks for pointing it out.

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They have put up a statement now which is well worth a read.

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I am aware that I will take copious amounts of flak for anything I say regarding FortressCraft but the ignorance of some bothers me. Minecraft has not "visually" improved much from Infiniminer in my opinion. However, FortressCraft has far surpassed Minecraft with graphics in mind. Features wise, FortressCraft has added custom blocks, physics "doodads", as well as multiplayer that requires no server.

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Agreed. I use whatever gun I feel I am best with regardless of the stats.

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If MW3 wins Best FPS or Best Multiplayer we will know who helped pay for half of the event.

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Why would you blame the PC as a platform rather than blame Infinity Ward/Treyarch/Activision/who ever else works on CoD for not being able to make secure services.

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I don't understand why people disagree with facts.

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I wish GameMine was available in Canada.

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Bungie is not making Halo 4...

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Can't wait to see where this ends up in a year or two.

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The picture of the map is a fake.

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Great deal on a fantastic racing game. I still like it more than most racers that have come out since 2008.

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Maybe they shouldn't be reviewing it then.

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The Good: Amazing graphics
The Bad: Rare low-res textures

Sounds a bit hypocritical to me.

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Yeah it's definitely possible that we could see another Bad Company game to be sort of a testing ground for new gameplay changes.

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Looks fantastic. Can't wait until Tuesday.

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Yeah the destruction looks fantastic. Only a couple days now.

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