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Unless they've optimized it more since the last tech demos, it wouldn't take a huge amount of people to bring data centers in certain areas to their knees. Not everything is "large chunks", and none of it disappears. The devs even mentioned that all of the pieces of rubble persist so long as the multiplayer game is still running.

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Crackdown 3 is going to be using cloud-computing for physics, not graphics.

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I agree with you to the extent of the consumer point of view being talked about overly much by this point. I think one area that was lacking discussion (beyond developers saying it was a bad idea) was the impact on console game developers.

I understand that this whole discussion is based in rumours, but I don't think that makes the points that are being brought up any less valid.

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It failed certification, and has since been re-submitted. No word on a release date for PS4 as of yet though.

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A video game movie that doesn't suck? Sounds good to me.

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2.46 games? So pretty much everybody picked up two full games and then CoD: Ghosts?

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I'm sorry, what? Bad Company was on the 360 as well...

Also, please take note that Bach said "We don’t ever want to charge for our maps [...]". Every bit of DLC for Battlefield 3 was an expansion pack, including some or all of the following: new weapons, new vehicles, new maps, and/or new gametypes. Expansion packs =/= map packs.

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Are people really ignorant enough to believe this isn't happening the other way around? It took me all of ten seconds to find this.

Hell, he even retweeted somebody's YouTube video that tries to put shame on the Xbox-related bots.

I'm fairly certain they were aiming for the 'amateur' look on this video.

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This game is really looking very good. I'm still shocked that this is just a single person making this.

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Yes. I generally use lines on the road to determine the best way to take a corner. Imagine if you were racing at night, where the road blends into the dark foilage, and the lines start flickering or disappearing as you round a corner. That would throw me off. It also doesn't bode well with making it an immersive experience I don't think.

EDIT - Compression would /not/ remove any aliasing from the video. It would deter the quality, making the lines a bit blurrier, but ...

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I know a lot of people will disagree with me, but I think that looks very sub-par. The complete lack of any anti-aliasing is really noticeable, and really seems distracting. Notice how the lines on the road just disappear? Also, notice how the bars on on the fence "flicker" because there is seemingly no anti-aliasing at all. I'm sure a lot of people won't care, but I guess I am just expecting something simple like that to be in the game.

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He is the Director of Programming...

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If you bothered reading it, he said that he dumped the zombie game idea because it wasn't fun. Banished is a city-simulation game that takes place in more of a medieval time setting.

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The one that plays the games you want to play.

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"Unlike Achievements, Challenges can apply to multiple titles (extending beyond games to apps) and can be earned by groups of players, working in tandem. They also don't earn you any additional Gamerscore."

Would be nice if people actually read anything before commenting.

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The Gaikai launch is in 2014 for the US only, at the moment.

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So where is the equivalent article bashing Sony for not having Gaikai at launch, and only announcing plans for a US release in 2014?

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Merry Christmas.

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The Last of Us is an open-world game?

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