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it kind of is. i regret my purchase

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the ps4 game is not the remastered version. its ps2 emulation

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plenty of games dont include a platinum.

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i shouldnt have spent the money on my e6, but i did and it was worth every penny. ive never been this happy with a tv.
hdr streaming looks really good, but bluray is of course superior, being an uncompressed source.
horizon zero dawn in hdr... absolutely stunning. hdr gaming is where its at

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i did my first play of re7 in vr and subsequent plays on my tv. playing without vr made the game completely lose the feeling of tension for me

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technically, their roots are in playing cards. i dont think any gamers are asking for that

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it figures this would happen. i bought the game just last month when it was on sale

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I haven't played it yet, so I can't comment on the length, but it's available now

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its a good thing these goalposts aren't attched to anything.

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Saturn was one of my favorite consoles. but whatever

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unfortunately this is a standalone title, not an add on for the original

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psvr is a great product, and mine certainly isnt collecting dust. however, it is a fair criticism that some of the games are too expensive. i would have bought several more games for it if not for their prices. robinson was a lot of fun, but theres no way i would have bought it at the suggested $60. thankfully amazon had me covered for half that price.
these are all growing pains, its a new tech and developers, manufacturers etc will figure these things out in time. being an early ...

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any vr title with "experience" in the name should be free. $15 for this is a joke.

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i had sound drop out several times in lords of the fallen. it was often followed by a crash. if you notice it again, id recommend saving right away and restarting the application

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if you have an external hdd with enough space, you could back up the data to the external, transfer the drive to the pro, and transer the data

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the good news is that if if doesnt sell, the price will drop really quickly

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cinematic mode does not look as bad as you might think. not as sharp as a tv of course, but its completely playable. i was pleasantly surprised when I saw it first hand, after reading about how bad it is.

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resolution is not as big a deal to me as journalists make it out to be. some games look really low res, sure. however, after a bit you get used to it.
and on the other hand it completely depends on the game. some games look very clean.
not all games use the teleporting method either. most have an option of regular movement or teleport. i do prefer moving manually, but it did take some getting used to at first.

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worth every penny so far, to me. I've played it almost every day since launch

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this is misleading. there is no pro version. they only implemented the specs of the base ps4, and are unlikely to patch it.
this isnt surprising to me, as this game was initially revealed as a ps3 game.

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