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the season pass for driveclub was worth every penny. even before this announcement, there was a ton of stuff added regularly. its one of the only season passes i never regretted

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i wasnt expecting $60 either, but it does seem to have a good feature set. full single player and co-op campaigns. i have amazon credit i was saving specifically for VR games so i put my preorder in for battlezone.

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theres no reason not to stick to the old one. the only thing different is the design. the actual camera is the same

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i loved theme park back on the 90's, so this game appeals to me... any VR game can be vomit inducing depending on the person playing, so i wouldn't shoot this game down before trying it

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yes, that is correct. one in the genesis style only, retro graphics and all, and this one more in what seems like will be a sonic generations style mixing old and new

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my problem with episodic games is that there seems to be no set release days for new episodes. if they came out once every other week, i think it would be great. but waiting a month or more (looking at you, telltale) is terrible.

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how about.... just a video game character

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give it a few months, and i bet it will get a standalone release. they want to bundle it to boost sales on the new game, and when that dies down it will make sense for them to release it for everyone else.

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this game is fantastic. i had a hard time putting it down last night. id recommend it to metroidvania fans

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living in the real world is the furthest thing from being free

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different games for different people. i dont think there can be "too many"

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or maybe it will evolve, getting better with technology. it doesnt have to be a one and done. more iterations can follow

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the article says ps3, vita, and psp. i hope ps1 games soon get the upscaled and trophies treatment on ps4 as well, but there is no sign of it right now.

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as someone who doesnt often go back to games later on, i think its a great idea.

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this article isnt talking about the new vs used debate.

if anything, i think amazon and best buy are showing us that we have definitely been overpaying for new games for years. they would not give people this sort of discount without still making a profit on it.
i think digital could afford to do even better than 20%, considering they are cutting out the cost of manufacturing, dealing with retailers.

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i would still buy physical releases from Amazon at 20% off. i could at least trade it in after and get something towards my next purchase. however, id be more likely to buy a digital only game at a discount.

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this is a great deal if you dont already have the camera and move controllers. i hope the core bundle comes with the game too

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if ads weren't so intrusive, i wouldn't have a problem with them. i use an ad blocker on my phone, but not on my pc. when my phone automatically opens the play store to some nonsense game, thats where i draw the line and have to install something to remedy the situation.

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i have a ps4, camera since launch and move controllers since ps3 days... so $400 for me.

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"Twilight Princess HD is just the same old game with prettier graphics."

isn't that what almost all remasters are? i mean its a remaster, not a remake.
i dont mind, im glad i bought this one. it is one of my favorite zelda games, and i havent played it in about 10 years. its been so long that certain parts of it feel like new to me again.

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