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i don't buy it. coincidentally, I'm not buying the game either (more because im not a big fan of the series) #12
"Looks like most are just riding the hating train with this just for the clicks of it. Same thing as with Destiny."

i couldn't agree more with this statement. the whole forza killer thing was a huge mistake in marketing. ive been playing driveclub this week and i find it to be a very solid racer. it seems to get penalized for not being open world and not reinventing the wheel... but i dont understand why it needs to. theres room in the market for both open world g... #1.4
great video. it doesnt even look like the same game that was first revealed #1.3
not listed in these patch notes, but im sure bungie will be taking that away at some point. #1.1.1
no mention of an upgrade deal... #4
id say yes and no. new games would be a much better option, BUT most of these ported games are cross buy. the majority of people who were interested in it already bought it and can upgrade for free.
theres also the people who never owned a ps3 who might be interested in buying the definitive version.
for me personally, id rather see new games, but i can also see the reasons that devs would want to port them to new hardware. #4
a great time actually. im throwing one this weekend. and youre not invited! :-P
on topic:
im just saying that this quote is irrelevant, because one, its from 6 years ago, and two, ps3 sales overtook 360 sales last year. so his prediction or whatever you want to call it was wrong.

i agree that is a better topic to write about, because its relevant. and based on some of the articles on top of n4g right now, not everyone got the memo yet. #6.1.1
so we are going back to 2008 for quotes now? there has to be better things to write about. this is nothing but click bait. #6
you're delusional. everything is about money. this is buisness. #28.1
we know for a fact? really? because i remember when bioshock, mass effect, and ninja gaiden (just to name a few) were never coming to playstation.

if they have a timed exclusive contract, CD or SE cannot legally say that its coming to other platforms. #1.4.3
$$$$$$ #6
its not that simple, or smart imo, to buy a console just for 1 game. especially a game that will likely end up on other platforms.

if you have the money to blow on a console for 1 game, than good for you. not everyone can just go out and spend $400 like its nothing. #3.1.1

i mean combined, not each. but to answer the question, most of my gaming happens between 10pm and 1am. some days more, some days less. #7.1.5

then you are missing out on a ton of fun games. ive literally played well over 100 hours on just a few of those games #7.1.3
timed console exclusive, it seems. #3.1
not easy to find? its right on top of the playstation store list.

my only problem with it so far is that my internet has gone out several times when using it. i dont know if its a psnow issue, or if my isp is limiting my streaming. either way i dont plan on using it solely because of this issue. #2
im not unhappy about it at all. i dont care that its not coming now, and wouldn't care if it eventually came to psn either. either way im not paying for it #6
ever since the last of us remastered was announced, i've really been hoping for the uncharted trilogy to get that treatment. #10
i cant speak for everyone, but i think thats only a problem with active 3d. I've had 3 different passive 3d tvs in the past 6 years or so and can watch 3d for hours on end with no problem.

i think active 3d completely killed any chance 3d had to become mainstream. which, imo, is a damn shame because 3d games that are done correctly are amazing. #6.2
the resogun and kz trophies that the article listed were pretty easy. i dont know of its rarity, but the only killzone trophy i dont have is unlocking all ability levels from online play #3
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