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ever since the last of us remastered was announced, i've really been hoping for the uncharted trilogy to get that treatment. #10
i cant speak for everyone, but i think thats only a problem with active 3d. I've had 3 different passive 3d tvs in the past 6 years or so and can watch 3d for hours on end with no problem.

i think active 3d completely killed any chance 3d had to become mainstream. which, imo, is a damn shame because 3d games that are done correctly are amazing. #6.2
the resogun and kz trophies that the article listed were pretty easy. i dont know of its rarity, but the only killzone trophy i dont have is unlocking all ability levels from online play #3
i got the platinum for knack and thought it was very fun. the draw to it is that its a throwback with a lot of old school influence. its also very difficult, but fair, on the harder settings. if you like brawlers (its a brawler, not a platformer, despite what people say about it. there are platforming elements but it takes a back seat to brawling) than id pick it up, as its now probably in the $20 range.

the story isnt great, but its aimed at being a game for all ages so you... #4.1.1
youre not mistaken about it being milliseconds, but its not a gimmick. it is important to have a low input lag, but anything up to 40-50 ms should not be very noticeable (although people who have played on a 10ms display might say differently).

if you want to see the difference between high and low input lag, try switching an LCD tv out of game mode. on my tv it makes games unplayable. #12.1
dont forget that ryse started out as a kinect only title for x360...after many delays and re-working the entire game for x1,its possible that they spent a good portion of the MS money just for development #6.1
if i were to just purely speculate, i'd guess that sales of their games arent so great. theres only so much you can expect from visually great looking games that play mediocre. personally i thought Crysis 1 and 2 were pretty good, but not unforgettable experiences. Ryse certainly sold less by being exclusive (same can be said for any exclusive) #1.2
im pretty sure you're right. i watch many of their videos on cinemassacre, and hes only ever mentioned wii u and xbox one when they talk about new consoles. however, they are such nintendo die hards that even if he did have a ps4, he'd still be saying the same thing about wii u #5.1
i don't really care. just make it a good game #6
i loved the multiplayer, but i have stopped playing because most of the time i was getting into rooms with 4-8 people. i definitely would have kept playing if i could find full rooms #14
i know im in the minority... but i care about both of those things. #5.1
when you link your ID to the eshop, your console and game will register to club nintendo #6.2
me too... if you have a 3dtv, be sure to give it a shot. the 3d effects in trine blew me away. i almost bought it on he spot just for that. #8.1
I'm not surprised. #7
it cool that you enjoy kinect for voice commands... but the thing is that voice commands can be done without the camera. a microphone would work just fine if they would implement it. #1.1.4
this is a little different. this is more about dropping kinect than it is about dropping price over time. #9.1
first game that comes to my mind for being so bad that its good:

jurassic the hunted

recommended if you're the type who likes B-Movies #5
i got the toshiba 65l9300u

i was going to wait a while to get a tv, but i found a deal that was too good to pass up. the tv had an update that updated the hdmi ports to 2.0, so im future proof on that front.

i have yet to see anything, games or otherwise, look worse. blu ray movies look great, broadcast tv has the least amount of improvement, but still looks excellent.

when i played infamous second son for the first time on the 4ktv, i was fl... #6.1.1
i bought a 4ktv a few weeks ago and i absolutely love it. i know theres not really any 4k sources around, but the up-scaling makes games look phenomenal, especially 1080p native games. even ps3 games that are 720 native get new life with the resolution bump.

as far as input lag, as mentioned above, i feel as if this tv in game mode actually has a better response time than my previous 1080p tv #6
im playing through deadpool now, and i dont think ive ever laughed more while playing a game #1.1
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