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yes, and a couple of other trophies related to speed run, photo mode etc #4.1
its too bad... i was excited about the idea of it and figured it would be a $20 download only game. im glad the full retail price turned me off to getting it, it seems like a real mess. #5
for those saying this is click bait, its actually a legit complaint. i was part of the beta, and i wasnt the only one complaining that the usb player was gone.

yes, media player is there. however, your current game needs to be suspended if you want to change your music. obviously this isnt good at all if you are playing a multi-player game. the media player also, for some reason, pauses music for a second when you hit the ps button to get back to your homepage. usb player did... #11
youre missing the incredible platform bias. clearly a fanboy site. #10.1
doesn't matter to me in the least. #19.3
unfortunately, i dont have time to finish any game in one sitting. i bought until dawn when it launched and only finished it yesterday #6
thanks. i hate sites that do that! #4.1
same here. this was my favorite vita game #1.1
im not buying it. i was already burned by getting the disappointing season pass, which i also thought was too expensive for 2 add ons. $40 for a single add on? not a chance im going anywhere near that. #6
i would only use backwards compatibility for games i havent already played, so its all the same to me. #9
i sent this video to a friend and called this game 'other borderlands'
im still looking forward to it. #2.1
i would like to hear about what your thoughts on hololense is when it comes strictly to gaming. personally, i cant see how this device could be implemented into halo or gears of war in a meaningful way. so far, to me, it looks like another kinect. great tech, but will it really help game experiences? #2.2.7
youre right. Daylight was a stereo 3d title #1.1.1
so let me get this straight, they are nerfing a weapon because people are using it as a prerequisite for matchmaking... matchmaking, which bungie has largely refused to put in the game themselves.

sound thinking process there. /s #7
probably from drinking soda and beer #5.1
except its not a remaster. its a reboot #6.1
in my opinion, yes it is worth it. i bought those games for the fantastic story they bring, and will buy the collection again for the same reason. #8
i can see how people would be upset about the lack of multiplayer, but i mostly play these games for the single player. this purchase is still a no brainer for me. #3.2.4
thats... what she said. #2.1
thats fine, but i wouldnt consider one game crushing ps+ when MGS is being put out. #4.3.2
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