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it wasnt that bad, but it was definitely a let down. its biggest problem in my eyes was that it's very repetitive #8
i was very impressed with Jaffe and his team for sitting at the games booth at PSX. they took praise and criticism all in stride; from people who just played the game. they were very receptive to the feedback from the gamers, and it was just nice to see the developers take the time to do that. #8
i was there in vegas, and i cant even begin to describe the disappointment i felt when i realized it was a port of the pc game. the faces of the people around me showed that i was far from the only one. #3.1.1
i agree. i have a group of 4 people who i play with, but we are never all online at the same time. if there was matchmaking, id play it every week.
i cant see any reason not to have matchmaking in every mode. at least as an option #1.5
im heading to vegas tonight... cant wait! #7
glad i got my tickets already! #20

its unfortunate that 3d didnt come out at the same time as 4k sets. the bump in display resolution solves that problem. i have 4k passive set now, and it looks absolutely incredible #3.1.2
eye strain is only a problem in active displays. i have bad passive 3d sets for years now, and ive never heard a single complaint about it. active 3d tech, with its eye strain, expensive glasses that need batteries, and syncing, killed the 3d movement. its unfortunate because 3d games and movies are amazing when done right. #3.1
i completely agree. i never would have bought mercenary kings, for example, and i ended up putting 60 hours into it #3.1
but how many of those 80m turned into red rings? #3.1.1
i think sim city and bf4 were worse #1.1.1
its better than not having it at all #5.1
you need to plug in a usb stick with music on it for it to appear. #7.1
i was only really asking to play my own music.... so im happy with this update. #12.1
yes, you still need the disc to start the game #1.2.2
i don't buy it. coincidentally, I'm not buying the game either (more because im not a big fan of the series) #12
"Looks like most are just riding the hating train with this just for the clicks of it. Same thing as with Destiny."

i couldn't agree more with this statement. the whole forza killer thing was a huge mistake in marketing. ive been playing driveclub this week and i find it to be a very solid racer. it seems to get penalized for not being open world and not reinventing the wheel... but i dont understand why it needs to. theres room in the market for both open world g... #1.4
great video. it doesnt even look like the same game that was first revealed #1.3
not listed in these patch notes, but im sure bungie will be taking that away at some point. #1.1.1
no mention of an upgrade deal... #4
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