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Thats how i play my Playstation after a few beers, nothin new there.

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If they remove tubing from COD it would be a lot better game and more 'skill' based, 70% of my deaths have been by the other players just firing random tubes.

The sad thing is that some people only use tubes to get kills and they manage to get the most kills in a match, even though they are really bad at the game.

I know you can use the Blast Sheild perk to help combat this, but it will leave you very vulnerable if you substitute the Assassins perk fo...

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I Love tactical insertion, when you kill someone theres a bright light telling you where you can kill him next. Its like Kill One Get One Free (KOGOF)

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Thats because the maps on Battlefield 3 tend to be larger than the ones on Call of Duty, so spawning issues wont be as much of an issue.

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The spawns will always be bad in DOME, the map is way too small and when all the players are spread out you are bound to spawn in close proximty to an enemy player. The only fix they could do is to limit the player cap for the map.

As for the player in the video, he deserved to get killed so many times, due to a lack of skill and common sense.

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The charts are only compiled from games sold at retailers, they dont count games which were brought and downloaded from Steam, Origin etc..

Which explains why Portal 2 is missing from the list, as most PC gamers downloaded it from Steam.

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Thats what my girlfriend said ;)

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All of them on the winning team are in on it, and they have another guy in split screen acting as a fall guy to keep the game running. From his gamertag 'iNsAnity iZ b4k' (insanity is back), he more than likely has been banned before.

Oh well at least all of them are going to get banned now for cheating/boosting.

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The text and images on Steam can be easily changed in the browser using certain software e.g 'Firebug', i use it myself when testing out new layouts for my own website. The browser address can also be changed as long as you dont press enter to initiate the search.

Does not prove a thing, i could create the same image in a few minutes without the need to use photoshop.

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Mine only cost me $49.99, they must of seen you coming mate, i would put a complaint in if i were you.

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hmmmm, top storys on N4G today: Top games of all time, Worst games of 2011, top games of 2011, worst game trailers of 2011.

Seriously who keeps on clicking on all these articles, and whats with all the obsession with lists. If you want to know what the top and worst games are try creating a poll which lets the 'gamers' decide, or at least use statics or feedback from gamers about the game to back it up, rather than just depicting a list on your own preference.

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If you need to blame anyone then blame the developers, they only just revealed the existence of the game via a press release and two videos. Shame theres no details if the game will become available for the PS3 or Xbox 360 like the other games in the series.

If you dont believe me just do a search, and you will find that theres no info at all about the game before today.

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So basically it is now alright to hack games if you provide information about any upcoming DLC in the process?

Whats the world coming too, when the media fights about the NAMES (no details) of the DLC maps, while glorifying the hackers.

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lol, he just spawned as well, its more like the unluckiest death.

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Its the way of the N4G, first guy posts an article about so called 'Leaked' info, then moments later, theres another one saying its fake, and both end up being the top story.

Rumors should be banned from N4G, lets just have the facts and not these websites which just fake/start rumors to gain some hits.

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The Kill Confirmed mode will be the worse for campers, this mode is more intended like a team deathmatch mode, with the addition of forcing players to move out of any camping spots by having to pick up the tags, but players will be sure to take advantage of this mode by camping in groups.

Camping in Team Defender should be more forgivable, as its how you are supposed to play the mode.

A good mode which will help against campers would be something like an Hotz...

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Try Turok then lol

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Looks like left 4 dead on steriods

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Got the ring, just need get the armor from the painted world.

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