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Better quality video can be found here #1.2
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The free 180 days membership is only available if:
You are over 18.
You do not currently hold or have not previously held a Music Unlimited subscription to the premium or basic plan.
You are in a supported country/region (US).
Note: you will not be able to take advantage of the 180-day Subscription Free Trial on PS3 if you purchase other subscriptions. #1.2.4
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Why does Eurogamer always say there trailers are Exclusive, this trailer has been on youtube 2 days before it appeared on Eurogamer not very exclusive is it. #1
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Talk about crushed expectations, since that day he never looked forward to anything again, shame on you Gearbox. #3
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They have also taken down Minecraft and EVE online, looks like they are targeting gamers. #5
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The date issue has been fixed, Nuketown can be 50-50 its alright as long as you dont get spawn trapped by the other team, thats when the shit really hits the fan and you can only watch helpless as your deaths rack up. #1.1
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The reason they will sell the PSVita at a loss is to get as many out there as possible, that way they can make more money through sales of the PSP remakes, PSVita games along with other content. The more they sell the more money they will gain through software sales, they did the same with the Playstation 3. It has nothing to do with sony caring about there customers they are only doing it to make more profit in the long run. Sorry to break your bubble, all companys give with one hand and tak... #1.1.9
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i like cod i just dont like what it is becoming. #7.1
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Activison 'Nice credit card you have there, mind if we have your number' unsuspecting customer 'Why? whats in it for me' Activison 'Well there's extra stuff on the cd you brought, but we need extra £££ before you can use it, we only earn billions each year, so this year we are trying our luck to see how far we can push it' unsuspecting customer 'what about the DLC's dont you get enough money from that alone' Activison 'Shhhh thats our... #6
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Cannot go wrong with FREE. #1
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Surley this would be a good thing for them, not only will they be getting paid by sony for offering there games for free, but also it will be a way to get there games played by gamers who wouldn't overwise of purchased the games in the first place. This in turn will create a fan base for there future games, if they make decent games i think they have nothing to worry about. #7
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I must agree with you, but also you must take into account that most browsers earn there revenue by supplyng there own advertisement service, ad block is only a way to block there competition, this has caused a drop of 50% of earnings for website owners while they gain from it. At the end of the day they are saying use our advertising service or your ad's wont be shown while manipulating there users as if they are doing them a favour. #1.1.3
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With being a webmaster myself i am against ad block, we all need to make a living. Adblock can destroy websites by cutting of their only supply of revenue. If a TV company made a TV that cuts out the commercial's there is no doubt they would be sued. Put it this way if everybody uses ad block the internet will just be full of shopping or gambling websites, and you can kiss goodbye to sites like N4G. #1.1.1
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Would recommend you cut down on the ad's electronictheatre, 9 ads on a single webpage is way too much , not to mention it takes ages for the browser to load your website, fastest way to destroy a perfectly good website. #1
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Check the article update it will also be shown in the US during the NBA playoffs #8.1
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According to gamesinformer it will also appear on Saturday, May 28 during game 6 of the NBA playoffs on TNT. #1.1
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Tiki Games only make simple games like minesweeper and poker games etc, cannot see this being too great, should be intresting to see what they come up with. #23
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Recently saw a documentary about the playstation 3, apparently sony sell's the playstation 3 for less then it cost for them to make it , around $37 when it was first released this would of increased by today. This has cost Sony Billions over the years, the reason why is simply to get the blu-ray players in homes, why? well sony owns the blu-ray technology and companys have to pay them royalites if they use blu-ray with movies/ games etc. Its a big gamble by Sony they are simply using the... #1.7
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Tried this myself a while back ,until i fount out the month after they take the full payments for the next month out of your account automatically. so if you do consider it be warned and make sure you set the auto renewal to off at or they will continue to charge your account each month. #4
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There are 4 teaser trailers from England, Germany, France as well as the America one shown in the article check them out all out at

All of them are slighty different #1.6
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