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They have already announced the England license a couple of weeks ago, they are only announcing each one separately to get as much media coverage as possible.


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Good if you have a small area to play in, but it is bound to cause problems when muliple users are playing at the same time, let the beating commence.

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WOW, the screenshot contains bountiful of information ,thanks. Was unsure about buying this game until i saw this shot of the pause menu, now i am sold. Please could you post a image from the readable surface of the CD when its released as well, many thanks ;)

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They do it on purpose because they know you will be in the kitchen making a brew or grabbing a beer when the adverts come on, they crank up the volume so you have to rush in to turn it down. Its just another way of saying "where the f**k do you think you are going ,get back here and watch this!"

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Put this on reddit two weeks ago, it is due to come out later this year, although since last checking there website it appears to be offline O.o.


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??????? What i can gather is that Team6 game studios were supposed to develop the PC version but information regarding this is very hard to find and codemasters only mention the Xbox and Playstation version in the trailers , website and press releases. Your guess is as good as mine if it is still coming out for the PC. Thats why we have only mentioned these formats in the article.


Also the map pack editor will be out on Wednesday (June 29th)


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Where's the Headquaters playlist gone :(

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Errm looks a bit like Uncharted

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Nice screenshot! heres the info that was released along with it http://www.gamer4eva.com/20...

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Dont really like article's slagging of the WiiU before it has even been released. Nintendo's fan's are mainly kids and parents and it would make sense for them to continue the tradition of targeting this fan base.I agree that 'Hard Core' gamers wont be turned on by the WiiU, but that is not what Nintendo are targeting. Nintendo create's new ways of playing games and this shows in the WiiU, who cares about the graphical capabilities as long as the gameplay is there this...

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This has been pending since yesterday as well, it got lost in the pending stage and got put through automatically.

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Yep without a doubt, how else will gamers who dont have any skill be able to cope otherwise.

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This trailer has already been approved twice, enough already stop approving, pushing this through.



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I f***ing agree.

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EPO is a performance-enhancing drug.

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Its now been confirmed http://www.gamer4eva.com/20...

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How does not being allowed to hack a console end up being against gamers rights, if consoles were allowed to be hacked this would completely ruin online games and the gamers would be the ones to suffer. If they want full control in the workings of games just get a PC.

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Bargin put me down for 2, considering the PS3 development kit cost around $10,250

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Dont you mean 0/100 not 0/10 thats what metacritic base they review scores out of. Well at least it looks like Duke Nukem is making video game history again, this time for all the bad reasons.

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