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Yeah sorry about that, was working on another article involving Warner Bros at the time, and somehow managed to put it on this one by mistake, my bad.

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There is a Playstation 3 Platinum version as well, but it ONLY includes Saints Row 2 and early access to the Saints Row the Third Initiation Station for the same price $19.99, no date was given.

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"Remember when all the cool kids we’re out buying themselves a Nintendo 3DS while you glanced through the gloomy pane over at Gamestop."

Yeah i do, should of never complained about the dirty windows in Gamestop and got myself chucked out, it was one hell of a hot day, and the air conditioning was really refreshing.

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Dont want rumors, need facts.

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This is all just getting out of hand, having to pay for an online pass, DRM software, and the new trend from Japan where you cannot delete the saved games on the 3DS. Whatever happened to buying a game and OWNING it, these companys are attacking our consumer rights and its getting more and more like you are just renting the games you buy. Something has got to give at some point they are getting away with too much bullshit.

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Thats probably why its been delayed for the PC, so they can add the DRM.

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Another day, another game developer being sued. You will not be able to break wind(Patent Pending) soon without being sued.

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Yep here it is move along folks nothing to see here.

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Just get working on Timesplitters 4 already, best shooter ever made.

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It should come bundled with a port of the original N64 version, now that would be awesome.

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When i said 'Translation please', it was being sarcastic in my own little way, so if you take that into consideration dont you mean "Man what is this shit you brought, isn't this illegal?" .

Also to your question why are they making a whole post out of a single image, its simply because they are just after hits without putting in the effort of the content. If you check all the articles from Neocrisis, they get approved and pushed through by the same grou...

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What ever happened to the simple control pad, i use to remember after a hard day at Work/School i would sit down and relax while playing my games. Now its just jumping about and waving your arms about like a mad man, just what you need when you want to chill out.

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All i saw in the title was 'Battlefield 3: Massive hard-on'.

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???? Translation please, also aint it illegal to scan magazines without obtaining permission.

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Well there has been rockets appearing all over the maps in team fortress, at the end of Half Life 2 episode 2 they sent a rocket to space, is this just a coincident? or could they be gearing up to announce episode 3.

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You can still play online, but only for the PC using GameRanger. Shame they shut the servers down on the consoles, it was one of the best racing games.


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3 is the magic number.

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Goddammit, where's the cat woman outfit for the better half.

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Why China?, wouldnt it make sense to bring the game out in Europe the home of football first.

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The revealing of the God of War documentary is new news.

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