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E3 2012 Preview: Better than Last Year?

1374d ago ... E3, a highlight on many gamers' calendar and one that never fails to deliver immense hype and speculation in the pre build speculation area beforehand but based on the last couple of shows, 2011 specifically, the show has failed to deliver in terms of unpredictability and shock value. The big three, Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo are gearing up again to showcase what they think will be their p...

E3 2011: The Microsoft Balancing Act

1705d ago ... After much excitement and rumour in the build up to E3, gamers around the world were treated to, in my opinion, the most underwhelming E3 in a long time, with Microsoft leading the yawn fest. To me, the excitement for E3 is all about the revealing of games and hardware to the public that have never been seen before, despite Nintendo's efforts in the hardware section, I don't think I have been s...

E3 2011: Predictions

1723d ago ... After cherry picking the internet for gossip and rumours regarding the upcoming E3 event, the biggest in the video game calendar, E3 2011 could be the best ever produced or give gamers the greatest underwhelming experience since the Panasonic 3D0. Personal feelings regarding hype always involve a note of caution, in that way I never feel a overwhelming sense of frustration although I admit...

Does Microsoft Risk Losing Core Gamers?

1730d ago ... Rumours circulating the gaming community today have stated Microsoft plans ten new IP's to be announced at this forthcoming E3, for Kinect. You can read where the rumour originated from here: Now, while this news may excite some people there seems to be a quiet underbelly of frustration boiling in the Xbox com...

Ten Announcements To Make E3 2011 A Classic

1736d ago ... E3 is fast approaching and we all have our own personal desires as to what we want to see announced at the biggest gaming press event of the year. After doing some research on various websites and forums here is a list of possible announcements that could send various websites into meltdowns of excitement. 1. Cross Game Chat PSN One of the most requested additions to the Playstation Netwo...

StarHawk Can Resurrect PSN

1738d ago ... With the current farce of the hacking situation of Playstation Network hopefully reaching a satisfactory conclusion next week, I think it's time to start looking forward to what gamers can enjoy on the service once the dust has settled. Whatever your opinion on PSN, I feel sorry for Playstation 3 only owners for the simple fact they currently cannot enjoy online gaming. I'm a multiplatform o...

Project Cafe: Capturing the "Hardcore"

1755d ago ... While Nintendo counts the profits of it's current home system, the Wii, there are many gamers out there that have felt alienated by the motion based system. Underpowered, lack of HD capabilities, inferior online gaming structure and a complete lack of interest in the software line up are the main points brought up when you ask a more dedicated gamer or those that dedicate their favourite hobby...

Video Game Warzone Review (The

1775d ago ... Being a listener of various podcasts including sports, movies and video games there is only a few that I would apply to "must listen to next weeks" status. The Video Game Warzone is one of them. Presented by Torrence Davis & Gerrard Williams (HipHopGamer) as part of The, Warzone is a weekly podcast regarding the weeks issues in the world of video games and heated debates can endur...

E3 2010: Microsoft Where Art Thou?

2065d ago ... As a gamer of most platforms this generation E3 is a time for me to be excited, who will announce what, what type of new services are coming and what will cause the fanboys to tear the limbs out of each other using comment box sections. Having watched the first player to enter the arena i.e Microsoft I was left with a major feeling of underwhelmed shock. It left more questions than answers a...

Potential "Sleeper Hits" For 2010

2188d ago ... Short list of games that could make the grade and suprise many during 2010.

The Groans of 2009

2238d ago ... Although 2009 was a great year, there was some slight disappointment

N4G: Too Much Confusion ?

2612d ago ... Can websites like N4G be a daunting experience for the newcomer into the gaming world?
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