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E3 2011: Predictions

After cherry picking the internet for gossip and rumours regarding the upcoming E3 event, the biggest in the video game calendar, E3 2011 could be the best ever produced or give gamers the greatest underwhelming experience since the Panasonic 3D0.

Personal feelings regarding hype always involve a note of caution, in that way I never feel a overwhelming sense of frustration although I admit at times it's hard to control depending on the subject matter. E3 is a personal favourite of mine, one I look forward to every year, however giving the recent examples of people in the industry over hyping announcements these days I keep my thoughts low key, therefore any news which excites me feels all the better.

The big three are hoping to steal the limelight off each other once again and here is what I think could possibly happen:


Sony's press conference will come under intense scrutiny after the Playstation Network was invaded by hackers. Many will hope new features are introduced to improve the service, not just from a security standpoint but from a user interface view also. The Japanese company also has the matter of the Next Generation Portable, which excited many when it was first announced earlier in the year. Here is a list of what I think Sony will announce:

*NGP will cost $279.99 for basic model, 3G model will cost $329.99

*Kevin Butler will once again appear on stage, hopefully talking about gaming rather than appeasing to fanboy garbage.

*Twisted Metal will see a release date of January 2012

*Rockstar bring the Grand Theft Auto franchise to NGP in a new exclusive story, not a port of any console game.

*Sony confirm new firmware update that adds better and more gamer orientated dashboard including more in depth PSN ID's and slicker Trophy comparing/synching.

*Batman Arkham City will have exclusive DLC on PS3

*Eight Days will rise from the dead to see a targeted release timeframe of 2012
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Nintendo have a very interesting E3 ahead, although the 3DS has potential it has yet to storm the charts from a hardware and software standpoint. Their current home console the Wii, has seen software become stagnant with a price drop included which has caused Nintendo to announce the arrival of Project Cafe, which will be properly announced and presented to gamers in playable form from June 7th onwards. Here is my Nintendo predicitions:

*Project Cafe will have a pricepoint of $349.99.

*It will only be slightly more powerful than the Xbox 360 and PS3, which I predict will sadden many gamers.

*Nintendo will spend time trying to justify the price point with the design of the controller.

*Nintendo will announce an all new online service, Nintendo-On or something similar. Friend codes are ditched for a more user friendly user name template.

* Mario will be teased with no gameplay along with the return of StarFox.

*A new first party exclusive is announced for Cafe that is designed to appeal to older gamers.

*The 3DS will see a Wii Sports type package announced based on Nintendo characters.
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Microsoft are attracting a growing number of negative feedback from gamers, mainly regarding their first party exclusive portfolio and continuing focus on their so far successful motion gaming add on Kinect. While sales of the console and software are very steady at the moment, the negativity seems to focus on Microsoft not being able to balance motion gaming for Kinect and traditional controller based gaming into their exclusive line up.Here is my Microsoft predictions:

*$50 off 250gb model, 250gb Kinect bundle and $20 off the 4gb model.

*Kinect software will be around 75% of the gaming announcements, which could disappoint many.

*Star Wars Kinect sees a release time frame around the same time as the Blu Ray box sets

*Codename Kingdoms will have traditional controller and Kinect forms of play. Probably Crytek's answer to the Elder Scrolls series.

*YouTube comes to Xbox Live.

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Apart from the big three, we have the third party announcements to look forward to, some of which I think could be made are:

*A new Monkey Island game from LucasArts (they seem intent on ignoring pleas for Star Wars Battlefront 3)

*Transformers War for Cybertron 2

*Battlefield 3 to have exclusive DLC on one of the consoles

*Konami bring the Zone of the Enders series multiplatform

*A Simpsons PSN/XBLA title

*Metal Gear Solid Rising release time targeted for Q1 2012

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Well, that's it for my predictions, we will all find out soon enough if they are complete trash or if some have been guessed wisely.

Thanks for reading!

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iamnsuperman2490d ago

Good list. I can see Nintendo trying to justify the price of the controller for a majority of the Project cafe part of the conference. Sounding expensive.

BTW "Kevin Butler will once again appear on stage, hopefully talking about gaming rather than appeasing to fanboy garbage." that is what he does. He is like comedy side of Sony. If he comes on he will take the piss. It was funny last year

digoutyoursoul82490d ago

yep i had to admit i chuckled at his appearance lol

longcat2490d ago (Edited 2490d ago )

$279 is a bit low for NGP considering what you get from nintendo for $250.

Everyone seems to expect the old lose $$ on hardware approach from sony, but this may not be feasible given what has happened on the psp

Nice read though - happy to approve it

2490d ago
nicole812487d ago (Edited 2487d ago )

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