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Video Game Warzone Review (The

Being a listener of various podcasts including sports, movies and video games there is only a few that I would apply to "must listen to next weeks" status. The Video Game Warzone is one of them.

Presented by Torrence Davis & Gerrard Williams (HipHopGamer) as part of The, Warzone is a weekly podcast regarding the weeks issues in the world of video games and heated debates can endure if the topic is strong enough to support it. One of the key positives to Warzone is the length, if the episode is good you will be grateful for three plus hour worth of discussion with many other video game podcasts focusing on a one hour set.

Another element is that the show is live, with a certain number of regular contributors with a audience behind the scenes, sometimes allowed on air to ask a question or make a point. The template of the show is promising but not without its frustrations. One example is when the show is good, it's really good, the downside is that when it seems bad it feels more like frustration than awfulness. Let me elaborate:

The show has a habit of not officially starting until around ten - fifteen minutes into it, inane discussion about when the programme is starting or discussing something going on at work or with friends. Just let the intended audience hear the actual show please.

When a discussion or debate is allowed to breathe the show is very entertaining, points are made and counter points and makes interesting listening. Sadly, especially of late, interesting topics are suddenly cut short by something irrelevant or irritating, there is one particular co-host who's name escapes me at the moment (forgive me) that cannot help himself in regards to interrupting with sarcastic comments, always stopping the host moving the show along with either jokes under his breath or a sarcastic remark, after a while it becomes frustrating that the shows flow is becoming stagnant.

Another flaw is at times debates are just cut short by something an audience member has stated either via private message or the shows chat lobby that is usually off topic, for whatever reason a debate is forgotten about and the shows hosts/co-hosts fail to get the show back on track for a long period of time.

The Video Game Warzone is more about potential at the moment, it has interesting hosts and co-hosts, the potential is worth a listen no question, when it's cooking it really does provide some quality entertainment although the constant frustrations, my main ones stated above harper the podcast from being a true classic although it should be said these guys are not a ign or g4 and do this in their spare time without the cash to go with it so massive respect should be handed out for enthusiasm alone. If the current problems are ironed out I'm sure Video Game Warzone can go on to be a massive hit and give these guys a chance to progress in a industry they care a lot about.

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tordavis2544d ago

Nice write up man! I respect the constructive criticism.



goodfellajay2544d ago

yea not bad..oh wait..i should hate like u do on i wont cuz i keep it real..

digoutyoursoul82544d ago

thanks torrence, its a great show just has some faults stopping it being a classic. keep up the great work though, its appreciated.

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DelbertGrady2544d ago

Is it just me or does this whole blog post smell like advertisement to get more people to listen to the podcast?

digoutyoursoul82543d ago

no it was just a honest view, i have no association with the bitbag