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Ten Announcements To Make E3 2011 A Classic

E3 is fast approaching and we all have our own personal desires as to what we want to see announced at the biggest gaming press event of the year. After doing some research on various websites and forums here is a list of possible announcements that could send various websites into meltdowns of excitement.

1. Cross Game Chat PSN

One of the most requested additions to the Playstation Network from the community is Cross Game Chat/Party Chat. A successful addition to Xbox Live, CGC is seen as getting one over on Xbox players by Playstation fans. What better way to help erase the current hacking farce by giving the Sony faithful something they very much desire.

2. Star Wars Battlefront 3

LucasArts' strategy this generation has been a frustrating one for many gamers. Despite the success of the original Force Unleashed, it's sequel left a bad taste in many people's mouth's. With a community set up about as useful as a pair of sunglasses on a person with one ear, LucasArts has failed to provide gamers with what they want. The Battlefront series has been very successful yet a sequel on current platforms has been flushed down the toilet, or has it? Spark Unlimited has been strongly rumoured to be bringing this project back from the dead and e-mails to fans enquiring about the rumour have not exactly denied anything. A countdown to Comic Con 2011 has been placed onto the official developers website. You can see for yourself and enquire about the rumour here:


3. Old Republic Heading to Consoles

High quality MMO's have been a huge success on PC, yet the current HD consoles have been given scraps in comparison. True MMO's are best suited to PC but that is not to say it cannot be done on either Xbox 360 or PS3. If developer Bioware along with EA and LucasArts can make it possible without affecting the PC version I'm sure a lot more Star Wars fans would be very happy.

4. Tease the future

With Nintendo bringing a new console to the table it is possible Sony and Microsoft look at this as a possible over shadow to their current announcements they have in place. It's very probable neither company have something set in stone for the next generation but a possible tease for what lies ahead could help keep current core fans of either system looking elsewhere.

5. Third Person Action

The first person military shooter is very popular right now, with Call of Duty leading the way. However there seems to be a growing number of gamers who are becoming bored of the genre and would like to see a developer take a different point of view. We have the Socom's and Ghost Recons but they seem to prefer a much more realistic style to Call of Duty, a third person military game with pure action like Call of Duty would perhaps satisfy this growing number, provided the game was of a high quality of course.

6. Half Life 3

When this game announces and it will eventually, I feel for the servers of various websites. We have waited too long for the next installment in this excellent series, with Portal 2 out the door and doing well it's time for Valve to show us what's next.

7. GTA timed exclusive to a single platform

This would possibly not be a good time to be a forum moderator should this announcement take place. Grand Theft Auto V exclusive to either Xbox or Playstation for a period of time would benefit either company greatly but would no doubt cause one of the biggest fanboy wars in history. If either Sony or Microsoft would somehow secure this however, it's a good chance sales in SKU's would sky rocket.

8. Killer Instinct

A classic in the eyes of many old school gamers, Rare would tell you themselves it's a game they have been requested to develop by fans for years. It would certainly help boost Microsoft's first party portfolio.

9. Zone of the Enders 3...Multiplatform

Another classic series deeply wanted by Kojima fans to emerge again. While the game has a fanbase I think it would be fair to say it's not as crowded as Metal Gear Solid. If we would get another entry I can see this on other platforms aswell as Playstation.

10. Syphon Filter PS3

Sony would be mad not to give fans of the series another episode on much more capable hardware. We've heard it's being developed, we need to know officially and soon. E3 would be the perfect venue to do so.

So there you have it, ten possible announcements to go alongside a new console from Nintendo that could form to be the best E3 in a long time. We don't have long to go now, hang tight.

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Emilio_Estevez2601d ago

Wow, killer instinct....bringin it back

iamnsuperman2601d ago

Very good list. The moment Battlefront 3 is announced I would be pre-ordering. One thing I will add is Getaway 3 and Timesplitters 4 but apart from that a very good list

Les-Grossman2601d ago

I want Battlefront 1 & 2 on XBOX Live Arcade

Otheros002601d ago

Star Wars Battlefront 3 and Half life 3 are way overdue. I would like to see them at E3 but I sure they've stop development on them long ago.

TheOneWhoKillsYou2601d ago

Stopped Devolpment on Half Life 3? ... Funny man. Valve will make it eventually.

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