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Project Cafe: Capturing the "Hardcore"

While Nintendo counts the profits of it's current home system, the Wii, there are many gamers out there that have felt alienated by the motion based system. Underpowered, lack of HD
capabilities, inferior online gaming structure and a complete lack of interest in the software line up are the main points brought up when you ask a more dedicated gamer or those that dedicate their favourite hobby by investing in all game systems including the PC.

Despite this, Nintendo's little machine has made the Japanese company a huge profit, fans of Nintendo have - in the main spent many dollars on software and peripherals knowing they can continue the adventures of many of the fanbase's favourite characters including Mario, Donkey Kong and Zelda whilst having a more friendlier approach to non gamers with the systems motion controller/peripherals and software such as Wii Fit. The strategy worked but it seems (according to rumours at least) Nintendo is not 100% satisfied and wants to get the unimpressed general "hardcore" back with their next console.

How will they do this? In my opinion to get some of these people back they will need to do the following:

1) Kinect/Move route: Offer traditional based controller alongside motion control. It has worked for Microsoft so far with Kinect and Sony are starting to gain ground with Move. Give the gamer the option of either one especially if this new console will be backwards compatible. You can appease to the hardcore whilst still offering products to the casual Wii Fit style motion gaming fan.

2) Power: In my opinion the next Nintendo console needs to be more powerful than the Xbox 360 and PS3, a lot more. I cannot see the point in releasing a console in 2012 that could be around the same capabilities as the those that are already available to the consumer. The hardcore, after studying gaming forums especially, crave new hardware in droves. Whilst many are happy with their current systems, the PC especially with titles such as Battlefield 3, show the current consoles age.
Could you imagine a Project Cafe launch title that comes close to a higher spec version of Battlefield 3 or even Battlefield 3 itself? Imagine the reaction if Battlefield 3 was released for the system and came very close to the stunning PC version? I think the hardcore would like that somewhat.

3) Online: Nintendo needs to grasp the online community. Wii had a poor structure and the 3DS is hardly going to concern Xbox Live, PSN, Steam, Onlive etc anytime soon. Drop friend codes and introduce gamertags/ID's, full customizable profiles & avatars(gamerpics), a headset bundled with the console for gaming chat and HD streaming services such as Youtube/Hulu/Netflix/Iplayer. An in game guide button similar to Xbox Live or XMB PSN would be ideal, maybe the guide could be used in the rumoured HD screen built into the controller?

4)Blu ray: Benefits the gaming fan and movie fan. The PS3 speaks for itself with regards to benefits of Blu ray, I wouldn't be surprised to see Nintendo share the same opinion.

5)Third Party Support: According to rumours, Nintendo wants to really give depth to its portfolio with support from companies such as Rockstar, EA, Ubisoft, Konami,Capcom etc. This is vital for the console to succeed in it's goal to capture the hardcore market. I believe Nintendo would be wise to follow a similar strategy to the classic system SNES, gain support from outside developers whilst securing some exclusive software in the process. Games such as Contra 3 The Alien Wars and Super Castlevania 4 were a massive success on SNES with many gamers today bringing up fond memories of those two excellent titles, Nintendo I feel needs to create more to remember them by outside first party.

So there it is, five points made which I believe would bring those gamers back who were irked by the Wii. Will they follow these points and more? E3 2011 should give us a good idea.

Thanks for reading.

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_Q_2525d ago

Cool. Most folks share the same points. I'm not too interested in purchasing just yet. I need see more meat(games really) before I can even think to invest in another console. I'm pretty much done with buying consoles.. If games are gonna go to $90 per(I'm exaggerating but $65 is too much.) and I have to buy 20 damn peripherals per console im done.

Danielmccue2525d ago

I would love to see TES:Skyrim and GTA 5 on 'project cafe'

A new system means more games, and as a gamer i can never have to many games.

-Alpha2525d ago (Edited 2525d ago )

Just as Sony and MS are following the motion craze they seem to be doing a 180 and doing something completely different-- they are going back to the controller yet focusing on the idea of "Streaming"

Not sure what's going to happen to their casual audience, but making a Wii 2 with Motion controls similar to Move may not be the best route to take for them. It's as if they lead Sony and MS down an alley, then ditched them to fend for themselves, and both Kinect and Move really aren't being the "innovations" they were hyped to be. Yet Nintendo has capitalized on the market, and now, after the craze and novelty has ended, they go on to do something totally different and are likely going to generate even greater craze for their new toy.

Meanwhile, Sony and MS will continue to push more powerful consoles and probably continue developing Kinect and Move.

IMO Nintendo's attitude to take the cheaper and different route is smart. They don't compete where there there is no room for them and instead manage to come at the market in an entirely different angle.

news4geeks2525d ago

It is very smart yes, and relies heavily on the credulity of the public. The people need to be told what they want and companies like Nintendo and Apple are good at telling them.

dedicatedtogamers2525d ago

The things you listed are completely ignorant to what actually made the Wii interesting (and popular).

Why does the Wii need to capture the "hardcore market"? It's proven that the hardcore market continues to shrink.

digoutyoursoul82525d ago

well its nintendo who are rumoured to be after the "hardcore" ask them. i'm just giving points in which i think could help get them to buy their new machine.

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