Creative Bankruptcy: The Storied History of Sony Computer Entertainment

In the wake of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale's unveiling, Clint evaluates its creative fertility and the nobility of caving to the fans.

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b_one2075d ago

what is the point of all this?

MmaFan-Qc2075d ago (Edited 2075d ago )

The point?
Thats pretty obvious, using arbitrary rationalisations to make sony look like they only rip-off other ideas.

With all this noise I can't help wondering if some people feel threatened.

It's not like Nintendo originated all the concepts within Smash Brothers by themselves, in 1999 alone you also had Rakugaki Showtime and Powerstone released.

...and frankly I think some competition will force Nintendo to work a bit harder on the next SSB

after all, arent all the FPS games a blatant ripoff of Wolfenstein3D?

btw, just because a game isn't original doesn't mean it's a complete write-off. I mean, Crash Team Racing copied a lot of elements from Mario Kart. But here's the thing: it's a really good racing game. It's fast-paced, there's some good track designs, the weapons are balanced: it's probably one the best racing games I've played. In comparison Mario Kart 64 comes across as a bit weak, or so I feel. Okay, yes, we should strive for originality, but innovation and quality are not automatically synonymous. A good idea may be executed poorly and if someone is going to try something else with that idea, why shouldn't they? Maybe this game will bring something new. Maybe it won't. Maybe it'll be an enjoyable experience, maybe even BETTER... and is that really so bad?

Finally, I'm getting pretty tired of people claiming Sony are totally unoriginal. For all their strengths, Nintendo launched the 3DS with a range of games that were almost entirely sequels. The games we're getting excited for from Nintendo are both Mario games. They'll be fun and interesting, but it's still a Mario game. Sony launched the Vita with Uncharted, yes, but we also had Escape Plan and Gravity Daze. Not to mention the fact we've had the likes of Vib-Ribbon, Patapon, Flower, Journey and LittleBigPlanet, Ico, Shadow of the Colossus, Demon's Souls Heavy Rain, God of War.... all have been published by Sony or created by Sony's internal development teams

they created a lot of new stuff, ...if you care to look for it and not just arbitrarily designate it as ripoff bastards. Meanwhile others still surf on their old copy & paste bad habit and still only rely on the same well known characters....but i know...i shouldnt say that, it may offend some peoples.

MaxXAttaxX2075d ago

- Jump Super Stars
- Digimon Rumble Arena
- Cartoon Network: Punch Time Explosion
- Battle Stadium
- Rag Doll Kung Fu
- Viewtiful Joe: Red Hot Rumble
- Rakugaki Showtime
- Power Stone
- DreamMix TV World Fighters
- The Outfoxies
- Nekketsu Kakutō Densetsu (Kunio Kun)

Why is this only an issue when it's a Sony exclusive?
Because of irrational fanboy hatred.
Is only one company allowed to work on this sub-genre?

It's got its own rules and fighting mechanics.
3 main attack buttons, not just 1.
3 level Super meter.
Unique characters, attacks, stages.
No smash, no percentages, NO ring outs. Things which are what SSB is all about.

There's hardly any "true" originality from Nintendo, Sony or Microsoft games. But developers and any other form of media, take pre-existing ideas and give them their own twist and evolve them into something different.

People just see 4 characters jumping on screen and that's all it takes to hate.

I'll be playing both Smash and Battle Royale, just like I played both Street Fighter II and Fatal Fury(KoF).

ClintSwann2075d ago (Edited 2075d ago )


I agree with a fair majority of what you have to say. Though I hope nobody gets the impression I'm giving Nintendo a free pass here. The article was about Sony, Nintendo has a laundry list of problems of their own I could list. A lack of original IPs in the last decade or two for starters. Another day, another article. I'm sure the feedback will be fantastic.

Anyway, you're right, if the idea is utilized in a proper fashion the resulting game can be extremely satisfying. However, the information I've heard about this game thus far doesn't really turn my excitement crank. It just has a very vanilla flavour to it. No offense, vanilla fans. I felt the same about DreamMix TV World Fighter when I first saw it in action. I really wanted some thrilling Castlevania fighting game action. Eventually I got Castlevania Judgment. So yeah, life sucks.

And yes, excellent examples of Sony doing something original. My opinion remains the same, however. More of that, less of this.

ClintSwann2075d ago

To engage in a discussion about the topic at hand.

b_one2074d ago

What power causes so much rage, are ppl blind or well paid

Machioto2075d ago (Edited 2075d ago )

Wow what a troll!he knows all Sony had done and claims to copy but doesn't mention that ssb it self was copied from a game called the out foxie,the rumble pac was built-in to their controller instead of being optional,though Nintendos does pre-dates Sony's by a couple of months and he doesn't acknowledge that ps move exsisted in prototype form before the wii and some of the demos were incorporated in to games also the first joy stick was on the atari console,he never seen anyone talk about ps eye/eye toy,only thing he had to do was look on youtube and see all video he wanted,this guy sucks!

smashcrashbash2075d ago

How can one person write so many stupid things in one single article. Two joysticks is the corner stone of the way we control games in three dimensions and FPSs. Lots of people knew what the Eyetoy was it's only this gen that tries to ignore it so they can make excuses for Kinect and try to make it look like an original idea. Ice Climbers and Mr Game and Watch are obscure and are not 'endearing' as the person put it. More people remember who Crash, Gex and Parapper are then they know who Ness, Marth, Ice Climber or Mr game and Watch are.

And finally I really don't know why people continuous b***h on and on about the failed partnership between Sony and Nintendo. Sony asked Nintendo to help them and it didn't work out. That doesn't mean Sony would NEVER had made a PlayStation console. They asked Nintendo to help them and proved that they didn't need them by not only making a system but beating them at their own game. So the stupid fanboy myth that Sony would NEVER have had a console without Nintendo is pure BS speculation.

People seem to forget that the PlayStation consoles once had 150 million plus owners.These characters are not obscure to ex-PlayStation owners. Not as obscure as Pit, Ness, Marth, Ice Climbers and Mr Game and Watch. I could bet my head that if I asked any gamer who Crash Bandicoot, Sly Cooper or Parapper is I am certain I would get an answer then if I asked them who Ness, Ice Climber or Pit is. I was a Nintendo fanboy and I didn't even know who Ness or Ice Climbers were. And Pit hasn't had a game in twenty years. So who is obscure now?

Tony-Red-Grave2075d ago

"Sony asked Nintendo to help them and it didn't work out" IIRC Sony asked nintendo if THEY wanted their help, they were trying to get a partnership with nintendo to make dvds,cds,etc for their home consoles. Nintendo refused and kept to cartidge.

I probably didn't word all that correctly but sony didn't go to nintendo for help. they went to nintendo to add the ability for consoles, by nnintendo, to read cds. I'm pretty sure its even in the wiki though this is the sum of it.

raymantalk12075d ago (Edited 2075d ago )

nintendo went to sony and asked sony to make a cd drive for there new console but nintendo went behind sony's back and approached philips for the cd drive but never it never came about, which annoyed sony's main exec at the time who was then approached by ken kutaragi to actually make the playstation as it became known as themselves.

the Author of the article sounds like a butt hurt fanboy what is he 2 years old i suggest he should grow up.

i for one have had enough of this sony bashing that has been going on and on for years on this site and most other sites as well.

i think its time they all stopped being critics and become reviewers instead after all not a single one of them can be classed as a industry expert why don't we just leave that to the companies and let consumers make there own decisions.

Tony-Red-Grave2075d ago

thanks for clearing that up i couldn't remember it cleary since i searched playstations wiki when i was using le toilet a year ago.

ginsunuva2075d ago

Great comedic article. This is the true art of trolling.

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