Better Gaming Through Sound - Part I

As with most audio-visual mediums, video gaming sound suffers from a lack of attention in its production, its reproduction, and in media reviews. As such, many gamers are experiencing their games with fabulous visuals but average or below average sound. However, this can be remedied. This exclusive two part feature from NextGEN Gamers' resident audio engineer, Dylan "Fuchal" Young, will attempt to guide you through the setup of your sound system not only for gaming, but also for music and DVD enjoyment. So whether you are a PC gamer or a console gamer, whether you have a 10.2 surround system or a pair of stereo headphones, NextGEN Gamers hopes to broaden not only your soundscape but also your future gaming experiences.

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lynx1halo3964d ago

I can tell you that audio quality is one of the most lacking areas in our market today......but as Sony sadly proved with the failure of Super Audio CD's.....THE MASS MARKET CANT DISTINGUISH THE QUALITY OF THEIR AUDIO......SO CHOPPED UP AND COMPRESSED MP3'S WILL CONTINUE TO SUFFICE FOR THEM

demolitionX3964d ago

I sadly agree with you. Music industry needs to sell more SACD with prices in the range of 5-10 bucks.

ben8063964d ago

even a cheap 5.1 surround sound all in one system dramatically changes the way you think of movies and games. with systems ranging from a £100 its well worth an upgrade.

qwertyuiopasdfghjkl3964d ago

Where is this part 2 they speak of? I enjoyed reading part 1, alot of stuff I already know, but a good read none the less. The sound my setup puts out makes everything else look doofy. I have a cheap Sony "Theater in a Box" hooked up to my PS3 and PC. The PS3 makes my 5.1 setup really sing. Whether I'm listening to MP3s, watching the latest DVD/BluRay, exploding asteroids in Super Stardust HD, whizzing by people in Burnout: Paradise, or capping terrorist in COD4, my simple and cheap setup makes every sound that more enjoyable.

Best advice for purchasing and setting up your own sound system, invest knowledge, not money. Take the time to learn the ins and outs of audio tech, its worth it twenty fold.

NextGEN Gamers3964d ago

Part II will be out next week. We didn't want to bombard the average gamer with too much info at once. Glad you liked the article.

Xev3964d ago

Cheers to the Audio engineer on Nextgen gamers. I clicked on the link at the bottom of the story and was able to ask a question regarding my set up. I had an answer in 10 minutes!

Looking forward to the second part guys.