Why I Hope Dragon Age 3 Is A Lot Like Dragon Age 2

So what does Dragon Age have going for it, and what does it need to change?

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One can only hope that 3 is nothing like 2 and that fewer than 7 people exist that genuinely liked 2.

NewMonday2069d ago

"Why I Hope Dragon Age 3 Is A Lot Like Dragon Age 2"

someone actually likes recycled (and uncompleted)maps, fake choices, un-customizable party and useless loot.

dedicatedtogamers2069d ago


Yeah, a lot of people do love the Mass Effect series, don't they?

*rolls eyes*

I don't understand why DA2 gets all the flak while ME2 and ME3 got a free pass. I guess it's because you can shoot teh gunz in ME.

R1CAN6172069d ago

DA2 threw away everything that was great about DA1 & gave us a dumbed down hack n slash game.

rdgneoz32069d ago

I loved the first one. The second confused me as to why they would do that to the series to "improve it"...

synchroscheme2069d ago

I won't say that Dragon age 2 was a bad game, but I didn't feel that it was a good one either. And it certainly didn't live up to the Dragon Age name.

I can still remember that one recycled cave dungeon...

NeoTribe2069d ago

Lol I hear u on the burnt image of the one and only dungeon u had to embark through 100 times. Whole game felt like rushed, rehashed, dumbed down trash compared to the first. Had to force myself to beat it with one class and traded it in right away before it lost its tradin value for sucking so bad.

xJumpManx2069d ago

I want gameplay of da2 with story depth more like DA1

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The story is too old to be commented.