Is Mass Effect 2 overrated? - Discussing the flaws of a 'perfect' game

On Mass Effect 2: "Opinions have been based on the universe of Mass Effect and not the second game alone. That should never have happened. It’s accepted more as a visual book than a videogame, with mechanics, systems, and over-simplicity being overlooked by the perfection proclaimers."

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Hellsvacancy2411d ago

I liked ME2, it was better than ME3, but i heard ME1 was better

MariaHelFutura2411d ago

ME1 is a great game. ME2 is a good/ok game. I haven't played 3. But, I imagine ME1 will still stand up as my favorite.

da_2pacalypse2410d ago

Yeah, ME1 was the best game in the series. I think ME2 is definitely overrated (specially compared to the first). The story was way too linear and there weren't enough side quests. But hey, it was still a good game.

ColinZeal2409d ago

ME2 was 55 hours for me when I did everything in it. ME3 was 32 hours... ME1 was not good at all. The soundtrack was AWESOME - the best in the series. But the laggy graphics, the combat and the MAKO were all fixed for the sequel.

ME2 was the best one IMO.

RedDead2410d ago (Edited 2410d ago )

They're all good in their own way. I like ME1 the most. Combat in 3 is by far the funnest though

ME1 is an RPG/TPS hybrid
ME2 and 3 are TPS with RPG elements.

That's how I felt with them

otherZinc2409d ago

This title is so stupid, it doesnt warrant a read!

Mass Effect 2 was fantastic!

As all 3 Mass Effect games are great. However, ME3 didn't give us the options it gave through 2.99% of the 3 games sold to us.

Nate-Dog2411d ago

The only thing I really preferred about ME2 to ME was the bigger squad and much more refined combat. But I didn't like how streamlined it was, I didn't like the loyalty mission business and I didn't really like how few missions there were that really seemed to make a difference. But then again I complained about the lack of side-missions and exploration in ME2 compared to ME but ME3 is really poor, there is next to no exploration and there are very few side-missions, although things like assignments on the Citadel returned which was pleasant (although most of those involved going up to people you never even talked to before and going "OHAI I picked this up and somehow knew you needed it, ktnxbai").

I still think ME3 is better than ME2 myself but I can see why some would think otherwise. I loved how many big and (at least seemingly) important and main missions there were in it. But the lack of exploration at the same time made the game feel really empty on the RPG side. ME will always be my favourite though despite the crazy and wild combat system.

Kalowest2411d ago

ME1 is the best in the series
ME2 sucked
ME3 little story, repetitive mission, Horrible ending.

After playing the WHOLE SERIES, it's not as great as the media makes it out to be.

Philoctetes2410d ago (Edited 2410d ago )

I thought ME2 was overrated the first time I played it. Then I did my Insanity run, which was way more fun than my first playthrough. So my vote is for "not overrated."

Edit: Never played ME1, but ME3 is nowhere near as good as ME2.

Rupee2410d ago

Liked ME2 the most. ME1 the least. (still loved it) ME3 in the middle.

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