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Submitted by Dailynch 1401d ago | interview

Dead Space Dev: Next-Gen Should ‘always be on and connected’

360 Magazine: Next-box and Durango rumours are dominating headlines, but what does Dead Space developer and Visceral Games man Steve Papoutsis think about the next-gen consoles? (Dead Space, EA, Next-Gen, Visceral games)

Baka-akaB  +   1401d ago
Dont mind that much , but you better be damn sure i have an option to look offline to my friendlist whenever i want
stuna1  +   1401d ago
They say this why??...

Oh now I remember, they want to make more money! Before people know it we will be getting our gaming fix in installments!!!!!
Prince_Dim-Lu  +   1401d ago
Oh really... Devs saying that they want 24/7 connectivity. Another check next to what is looking to be true of the next Xbox from this paste bin file.
KingItachi  +   1401d ago
The only thing that will always be connected for me is my PC nothing else.
Primal Rex  +   1401d ago
Thats not far to those who carnt get online or carnt afford it being connected should always be an option
colonel179  +   1401d ago
Worst of all, I can't imagine how people without connection will be able to play with those online passes bs that every game will have next gen. Because we all know is the first thing they'll implement.
JBSleek  +   1401d ago
I agree no point in not being connected we are humans and we want social interaction. Even if you don't still want to know about others.
If they are going this route I would like demos for almost every game too. They would only go connected all the time if it meant one time codes which isn't a complete bother if people can try out the games before purchase.

Next generation console cycle should be an entertaining one.
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Hicken  +   1401d ago
... except for the part where not everybody who has/will have a system will be able to be online all the time.

... oh, and that part where people want to play their games even when their internet is down.

Edit: oh, and that other part where people will still want to use their consoles 20 years from now-assuming they still work- and the servers for them have been shut off.

Yeah, looks like we gamers will be getting TONS of entertainment out of such a generation....
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pucpop  +   1401d ago
Some people dont have broadband e.g. ME!
dirthurts  +   1401d ago
Exactly. Not everyone has broad band.
Either it's not available in their area, or it's just simply not in the budget.
I would think MS and Sony realize that...surely they know better.
maniacmayhem  +   1401d ago
You better get it.
Somebody  +   1401d ago
I have broadband but it felt not like a broadband. I've seen my telco digging up the side of the road putting in optical cables underground. I so happy with the progress.

That was 3 years ago. Apparently they sold the optical internet service to the neighbouring countries first while it slowly, crawling, make its presence felt locally. Even now its quite rare. Which makes me ponder while the hell did they air those damn commercials every night talking about the benefits of an optical broadband when they only started selling them to the local watchers of the ads several years later.
Jazz4108  +   1401d ago
It almosts seems like from what the dev said that ms is still going to use Dvd drive next gen. He said he wanted installs so he doesn't have to change a disc. I think this would be a mistake as this gen was almost ok but not next gen.
xtreampro  +   1401d ago
You better GTHO of here with that crap!
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Fairchild Channel F  +   1401d ago
And what happens when they decide to flip the switch on the console 10-20 years down the line and all your games become coasters? I still play my NES for cripes sake.
catfrog  +   1401d ago
oh? are you going to pay for the bandwidth used? no? i didnt think so.
jay2  +   1400d ago
Lol, this guys made me laugh, (Note I know this source is a 360 site).

Changing discs? it's called blu-ray, oh wait HDDVD that MS decided we didn't need, and if they'd put the drive it and not shipped consoles with no hard drive, blu-ray would be dead. Automatic install? most ps3 games. can be done on 360. always on, jump straight back into games? do it from your pocket with PS VITA. what I'm saying is all this is DOABLE NOW!
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