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29d ago - Here they are, the N4G GOTY winners as chosen by YOU, the N4G users! That's right, all nomination... | PC

The Top Ten Video Game Developers

65d ago - Ben Harrison writes "Lets take a look back at the developers who proved themselves more than the... | Industry

Help Myriad get through Steam Greenlight!

Now - Myriad is a twin-stick shooter that grows more beautiful the better you play, where you build and then destroy the game space in glorious chain rea... | Promoted post

Titanfall Developer Respawn Working On 3rd Person Adventure/Exploration Game

102d ago - "Respawn Entertainment's Titanfall was a moderate success, it sold a heap of copies and made the... | Industry

Zampella Discusses Titanfall's Future And Respawn's Mystery Project

102d ago - "There is a second team. Non-Titanfall related... The Titanfall team still exists as a fully func... | Industry

Respawn Reiterates Titanfall Sequel Could Come to PlayStation, Says 2015 Will be “A Little Quiet”

102d ago - "In the interview with Game Informer, Zampella mentioned that “Respawn Entertainment does want to... | PC

Sony Santa Monica’s Lead Concept Artist Joins Respawn; Titanfall’s Studio Now Has 18 Devs from SSM

106d ago - It’s been known for a while that God of War III Director Stig Asmussen joined Respawn Entertainme... | PC

Top 10 game developers we're most thankful for

125d ago - GameZone: "It's so easy in this industry to take things for granted. So often do the good things... | Industry

Titanfall DLC Releasing Thursday Marks The Death Of Titanfall

189d ago - Does the latest map pack for Titanfall mark the end of the online shooter? | PC

Titanfall ESports Interview With Respawn

209d ago - Respawn developer Abbie Heppe discusses the eSports opportunities for the evolving Titanfall vide... | PC

Titanfall Update Increases Max Players, Adds Burn Card Improvements, And More

216d ago - Titanfall Update 6 adds Pilot Skirmish, a new game mode featuring 8v8 pilot-only combat. More cha... | PC

Titanfall will keep getting new content regularly, but not for much longer

217d ago - "Respawn Entertainment did a very good job at supporting Titanfall post-launch by adding new cont... | PC

Naughty Dog, Sucker Punch and Respawn Will Discuss “AAA Combat” at PAX Prime

218d ago - This year PAX Prime will host quite a few video game related panels, and the schedule includes a... | PC

Respawn shows off upcoming DLC map for Titanfall

258d ago - If you're a fan of Titanfall, you'll be pleased to hear that Respawn Entertainment have released... | PC

Titanfall: Frontier's Edge - Dig Site First Look

259d ago - First Look at the new TITANFALL DLC MAP: DIG SITE. Mining operations are on hold while the Mil... | PC

4 Things about Titanfall that turned a hater into an eager pilot

263d ago - Gamecupid's Simon Squire talks about how he went from being skeptical of Titanfall to a fan, and... | PC

Respawn's new COO on the future of triple-A and publisher relations

279d ago - Given Jason West and Vince Zampella's contentious relationship with their last publisher, it's pe... | PC

Amid rumours of Titanfall 2 for PS4, EA and Respawn reflect on a successful launch

289d ago - Eurogamer: EA raised eyebrows by not announcing sales of Titanfall - a decision some took to indi... | Xbox 360

The Battle for Supremacy – Multi-Player Gaming

306d ago - A look at how the conflict between Multi-player and Single-player gaming has shaped the popularit... | Culture

Titanfall PC losing CTF and Pilot Hunter modes

320d ago - Revealed via Twitter (in the middle of the night), the PC version of Titanfall will no longer hav... | PC

Respawn Actually Tried (and Failed) to Trademark “Machine”

325d ago - At times software houses try to trademark extremely common words, and normally those attempts don... | Industry

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Titanfall For Mac Coming Very Soon

341d ago - Titanfall is looking to conquer more grounds as the game is spotted to be at the doorsteps of Mac... | PC

Titanfall's upcoming VR simulator map War Games has been revealed

342d ago - Titanfall developer Respawn has detailed a map in its upcoming DLC expansion Expedition. | PC

Respawn Still Hasn’t Considered What to Do After Titanfall

353d ago - During a panel at PAX East Respawn Entertainment Co-founder Vince Zampella was asked about the fu... | PC

Gamemoir's Couch Co-Op Podcast Ep 8 - A 2014 Preview

370d ago - This week Jack and Sean of Gamemoir discuss the upcoming games of 2014 and argue about which ones... | PS4

Checkpoint Reached #33

377d ago - This week the Checkpoint Games Staff talk at length about Titianfall and how the smart pistol is... | PC
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