Silent Hill 3 HD - PS2 and PS3 Visuals Comparison Video

"With Silent Hill HD Collection hitting stores next Friday, we’ve been hard at work preparing a review for you but for now, check out how Silent Hill 3′s visuals have evolved since the title’s original PS2 release."

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ANIALATOR1362398d ago

that new voice actor is awful

Pozzle2397d ago

She has such a generic anime voice now. :( :(

Sucks that we don't have the option to turn the new voiced off in SH3 HD. Heather's original voice was perfect imo. She sounded just like a regular teen. Sometimes she was moody, sometimes she was sarcastic, sometimes she was whiny, but she was still likeable. This new voice actress...just sounds like every other "generic female voice actress" out there. :(