gametaroo!: David Jaffe In Contradiction Shocker

gametaroo! writes:

David Jaffe - founder of Eat Sleep Play and Director of Twisted Metal (PS3) - isn’t shy of a little controversy. In fact, he veritably thrives on it, sprinkling even the most mundane of interview responses with F-bombs as if to keep up that particular pretence .

In an interview in the latest edition of the UK’s Edge Magazine he was on usual form, espousing (amongst other things) the benefits of browser-based games and the importance of interactivity in game design. It was one particular response however that was quickly snaffled up for headline-duties by Edge’s sister website, Computer & Videogames; a move that suggests that game-journalism isn't quite so distanced from the practices of tabloid newspapers as one would hope.

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rdgneoz32259d ago

Depends on whether or not he was being sarcastic during the interview. I tend to tell people at times, "I'd love to do this or that with you / hang out with you, but I'd rather do something fun..."

lzim2259d ago

Sadly it is just a job for him. But thankfully there's many people who still buy games and make it worth it to continue making them.