UT3 on PS3 Gets First User-created mod

As Epic explained on its forums delays dotting the i's and crossing the t's held up the tools needed for modders to make their content PS3 compatible. While it usually takes a little while for the mod scene to really cranking anyway, that sparked some disappointment that PS3 gamers wouldn't be able to start adding user-created mods to their game right out of the box.

The public release of those tools remains in limbo (don't worry; it shouldn't be too long 1UP's sources say). In the meantime, Epic themselves have stepped in and using their developer version of the tool have packaged up a surprise Holiday treat for PS3 UT3 gamers. The first ever user-created, not to mention free, map for Unreal Tournament 3 on PS3 is DM-Shrine by Thomas Browett, who goes by the name Setheran on the official UT3 forums.

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crazymad593772d ago

does anyon no how to use voice chat in the game? i cant figure it out other than the preset orders.

Relcom3773d ago

Mods will start rolling out regularly and we will have unlimited maps because of it.

Violater3773d ago

Ha the PS3 can handle it because the Cell has counted to infinity, twice

dhammalama3773d ago (Edited 3772d ago )

wasn't that Chuck Norris?

Edit - lol hilarious Regret!! Bubbles for you

Regret3773d ago

Chuck Norris is based on Cell so...

wil4hire3773d ago

Good one regret. Bubbles for entertaining me.

Shankle3772d ago

I'm sure i saw that on a sony ad somewhere...

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Winter47th3773d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

Appreciate the heads up bro, if the mods for UT2k4 are any indication to what may lie ahead for this one, then i think UT3 just beat the Orange Box in terms of value and set a new benchmark for console gaming.

That, and K/M support, way to go Epic.

ElementX3773d ago

So um...... how does this work exactly? can you search for servers using specific mods? Won't mods sort of dilute the number of players because everyone will be playing a different mod? Will the number of players per server drop because of this? I mean, there's no problems finding games now, but what about when there are 100 mods out there? You'll find games with only 3 people or something.

ActionBastard3773d ago

Did it affect the PC? Has modding ever affected a game in the manner in which you are hypothesizing?

ElementX3773d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

I never played mods except for Counter Strike on the original Half Life. Plus, there were more PC gamers at that time who were online. UT3 for PS3 hasn't sold very well yet. Only half the people who own PS3 have a PSN account. Then only a small percentage of those people bought UT3.

Don't get me wrong, I own the game. I'm going to play tonight but I'm drinking beer so i might not play too well.

Polluted3773d ago

You make a good point, but if you find a mod you like just start telling your friends about it. If it doesn't suck it probably won't be long before there are lots of people playing it.

theox2g73773d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

it's good to see consoles are finally getting mods, mods are really awesome and can make a game a whole lot more valuable in terms of replayability and material, i'm just going to give u my understanding of pc mods from experience and how i think it would work in the whole ut3 modding system,

here is how it works, there are different kinds of mods, total conversions, modded maps and partial mods,

Apart from total conversion mods depending on what changes, i don't think u have to worry about servers and number of players available, it's the same game engine so it won't really affect anything since the mods are more like maps and modded characters as opposed to reworked game engine files,

A total conversion mod completely changes the game experience by converting the game to look like something else but still running on the same engine, with total conversion mods, they are huge almost like expansion packs and may need seperate servers when ppl are running them to avoid unusual server loads, they could come as maps and character models to choose from, with enhanced vehicles for the different multiplayer modes like vehicle ctf,
an example would be someone using the unreal editor 3 on pc to say transport gears of war pc textures, maps and models and use them to make a gears of war mod for ut3, then changing the game to third person view by modifying some engine files by using the hoverboard view, changing the field of view to over the shoulder, etc. then u have a mod that feels like a whole new game altogether running on ut3 engine with maps of its own so ppl can't cross play with each other without having the mods, or maybe a star wars mod or something, ppl can be very creative with these ones but they take time and are pretty huge in terms of file size,

A modded map just changes the standard game map and does not affect servers, players or the game experience itself, they are just selected like any other regular map, this first mod is a probably like that,

A partial mod is like total conversion but it isn't a complete change, it's just the same ut3 with a few enhancements, this'll probably form the bulk of mods because it's easier to make, this changes a few things in the game,

The sweet thing about mods is people never stop making them and u'll probably see a new and better one every now and then, they'll become so many u won't know which one to choose from, it makes games very hard to get boring cos there's always something new and different out there,

I mean i still play around with half life 2 mods and I've had to mess with only a couple hundred out of the thousands of mods out there, there's even a wii mod that allows u to use the wiimote and shows wii controls on the screen and stuff with an enhanced field of view to make the motion controls work better,


Winter47th3772d ago

Well done.

I'm hoping that total conversions would work flawlessly on the PS3 though, because if they do, a GOW mod would be awesome.

Violater3772d ago

The aspiring game designers get on board and show their talent with some amazing mods..
And if its free how can we go wrong.

Polluted3772d ago

They were talking about restricting some of the "license" mods on the PS3. For instance the Gears mod everyone wants to see or a popular Star Trek mod that a team is working on. I don't see how they can restrict anything if all we need to do is throw a mod on a thumb drive. So it's actually a good thing that they aren't handling these things through PSN. We may just get our Gears or Halo mod.

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