Uncharted is Best Action/Adventure and Best PS3 Game - Console Monster

"It's not often that I boast about a game as much as this one. The superb attention to detail, coupled with mind-blowing visuals, fantastic combat, immense climbing puzzles and a brilliant storyline makes Uncharted: Drakes Fortune the best PS3 title to date. If you don't go out and buy this game, then you obviously don't own a PS3, in which case – why are you reading this review? Quite simply: Buy this game," writes Russ Clow, Console Monster's Co-Admin and Editor-In-Chief.

"It's important however to also mention the few negative aspects of the game. Firstly, there's no multiplayer. That's not necessarily all bad however. The fact that there isn't any multiplayer does mean that Naughty Dogs entire team have concentrated on the single-player section – something that is definitely evident throughout. Secondly, the animations on the climbing puzzles aren't always as seamless as titles such as Assassin's Creed. Occasionally you just feel that the huge leap you made could of look a tiny bit better with a smoother transition between animations. That being said, it's not a major issue and in all honesty, I'm being a bit picky."

Monster Positives
+ Superb balance between combat and puzzle
+ Simply stunning visuals
+ The best game on the PS3

Monster Negatives
- Framerate could be a bit smoother
- No Multiplayer
- Story is a tad short - We want more!

Monster Final Score: 98%!

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wangdiddy823628d ago

buying all the crappy games like Assassin’s Creed and orange box.

U need to support naughty dog which only developments for the ps3. If we dont they will go buy buy..

this game is way worth 60 bucks

techie3628d ago

Basch! What you doing here!? lol It got 9.8 woooo

NeoBasch3628d ago

Taking over; trying to steal all the stories you normally post. Nothing much. :)

In truth, I like the site. It is very well put together, and I thought I might be able to help with reporting some of the news. Great community and all, you know.

felidae3628d ago


framerate could be a bit smoother???

i had no issues at all - BS!