SSX Deadly Descents: No Multiplayer?

ChronoJoe writes: "Sadly, this appears to be kind of true. So far all that’s been showcased for SSX Deadly Descents has been what’s know as asynchronous multiplayer, and it’s debatable if this is truly multiplayer at all. Asynchronous multiplayer is basically multiplayer, but where the competition isn’t racing at the same time as you."

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LOGICWINS2350d ago

I honestly don't care. I'm in it for the SP mainly. This is also a smart move by EA. Diect competitive MP opens up issues like cheating lag, and errors. How stupid would it be if a race ended due to someones connection timing out?

ChronoJoe2349d ago


And I've never seen a leaderboard with falsified times on it before ;)

Leaderboards or 'asynchronous multiplayer' always have the worst types of cheating, because you can do stuff you couldn't realistically do in an online race. For instance there are glitches in most racing games to cut times down - these might only work 1 in 20 times, when you can run the event as many times as you want it's not much of a risk.

As a result, even right now. Wipeout HD, Modnation Racers, Dirt 2s, leaderboards are entirely invalid (those are the ones I play, there are many more).

Your argument is completely nonsensical, which is ironic coming form someone called 'logic wins'. Try applying some next time.

-Alpha2350d ago (Edited 2350d ago )

It's MP that made this game fun. No split-screen was my first biggest problem, then I here some ambiguity regarding the traditional MP. The SP with Ridernet sounds really interesting, but why sacrifice traditional online and offline MP, a staple of the franchise? It's risky, and it definitely makes longtime fans upset.

I ultimately decided to bench SSX in favor of Twisted Metal because of this.

LOGICWINS2350d ago

If this is true, then it was most likely done to stop rage quitting from ruining the game. Say ur playing on Jimmy's server, but Jimmys losing, Jimmy cries, Jimmy leaves game, connection times out, back to menu screen.

LX-General-Kaos2350d ago

There was a trailer on xbox live that showed visual proof that the game has multiplayer. Dont listen to this.

rdgneoz32350d ago

Yah, there ios onlin multiplayer and ridernet, just split screen was ditched. So sad, was looking forward to doing split screen with friends like I did with the previous ones. Funny how Twisted Metal (which I have coming as well) will be able to do 4 player split screen, and you can do 2 players on the same system online.

LX-General-Kaos2350d ago

Saying that SSX is making a mistake because they are removing a feature found in a Twisted Metal game makes NO sense at all.

Thats like me knocking Killzone because it does not have the 4 player online coop as Halo games. or knocking Uncharted for those same reasons against Gears 3. Now somehow SSX is bad because its not comparable to Twisted Metal?

-Alpha2350d ago (Edited 2350d ago )


Split screen is found in SSX too. I didn't compare it to Twisted Metal to say SSX couldn't compare, and I also didn't say SSX was bad.

LX-General-Kaos2350d ago

@Alpha that was toward rdgneoz3. I should have made that more clear. But then again i thought you would see his comment.

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iamgoatman2350d ago

Would be a bit strange seeing a game from EA not having any MP when it would actually benefit from it, like SSX, whilst we have games coming out that do have a MP component that won't benefit the game in anyway like Mass Effect 3.

I'd be very surprised if this had no MP at all.

IceReign2350d ago

I still will be getting it.

Homegamer2350d ago

Hey everyone there is multiplayer that is not facing a persons ghost, hope the video helps you with your no actual multiplayer problem

XboxInnovation2350d ago

SSX is single player who cares about MP. As long as it is jam packed with single player content like other SSX games than no one should care.

ChronoJoe2350d ago

Yeah, who cares about MP. Not like all the others had split screen, and 3 even had online play.

Heck, even singleplayer is just MP with AI... it's clearly intended to be an ultimately multiplayer game lol same with pretty much every racing game.

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