Turning Point: Fall of Liberty Retaliation Trailer

First there was the invasion, then the occupation and now the retaliation. Turning Point: Fall of Liberty will be released for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 early next year.

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MK_Red3624d ago

I don't know. The graphics look really bad and the game looks more like a FPS Freedom Fighters and not really groundbreaking (And again, it's graphics need serious work).

Kleptic3624d ago

agreed...different idea story wise, could be interesting...but it looks like complete shat stevens...

and is it just me, or did those devs take the overall message extremely seriously?

MK_Red3624d ago

"and is it just me, or did those devs take the overall message extremely seriously? "
Agreed :)
At least the guy / dev talks so seriously and in a way the looks as if is making a fact-based political trailer or something like BioShock and a study of moral issues while in reality, game looks like a WW2 shooter but in America instead of Europe and with a sci-fi twist.

lynx1halo3624d ago

on a scale from meh to 10........i give it a solid MEH..

Razzy3624d ago

LOL! I give it a Meh.5

DrPirate3624d ago

Agreed MKRed, I thought I was looking at a PS2/Xbox1 title...

tmatte3624d ago

Although I don't really care about the graphics here, the framerate looks pretty unstable too. The game looks extremely mediocre, although I think the story could be great. Kind of like Kane and Lynch.

The Chief of Mjolnir3624d ago

The framrate! THE FRAMERATE!!


King Eric3624d ago

I just wonder which version they are showing because the framerate is crap along with the graphics. I think I'll pass on this one. Waste of money if you ask me.