Why Final Fantasy 7 Remake Will Be Announced This Year

8bitfix: Yesterday marked the 15th anniversary for the popular video game, Final Fantasy 7. Final Fantasy 7 was a title that was released in 1997 and was a popular RPG during its run. From spin-offs, action figures, and even a movie, it seems that Square Enix has tried everything it possibly can to milk every penny from the franchise. It only seems plausable for the company to announce a remake during the year of its 15th anniversary, especially during the series' 25th anniversary. Clues have even lead up to a reveal of a secret game to be announced later this year.

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knifefight2388d ago

It not existing has been way better for the game industry.
What will websites write about to score 25,000 easy hits once the remake is actually out? Think about it. Websites need this game to stay non-existant!

K26sephiroth2388d ago

True, it does kill the suspense of waiting till the day the game actually comes out, but I wanna live in a world when my dream comes true. That dream is a FF7 remake.

ReservoirDog3162387d ago

Haha, there's only two reasons why they can't figure out how to make a FFVII remake and it has nothing to do with towns or budget or anything silly like that. No, it's cause the cross dressing scene and the honeybee inn.

Till they figure that out, no FFVII remake.

RedDead2387d ago

Haha, yeah they'll either have to ditch them...or embrace them

DidYouRikeIt2387d ago

Why remake this game? The story is terrible, the characters unlikable, and the graphics...well can you call them graphics if they look like a PS1 game? I think not. Would rather see CoD 4 remade!

Vynzent2387d ago

CoD4 remake over FF7 remake?

You, sir, are pathetic.

jc485732388d ago (Edited 2388d ago )

well, if FFXIII-2 does not reach their expectations, then they most likely need to make it up with some kind of fan service.

K26sephiroth2388d ago

Its true there needs to be some fan service soon!

iamtehpwn2388d ago (Edited 2388d ago )

While I'd love to see this, Square needs to release Versus XIII, Type-0 in the west, FFXHD and announced a KH3. As much as I'd love this, It'd also indefinitely push back an inevitable Final Fantasy XV. I don't think they will do it. I want them to do it, but not right now. Perhaps wait until Ps4 if that's whats needed, but right now, they're swamped in projects they need to finish.

But when you consider Nomura has a secret project he's been working on, it might explain why Versus XIII has been held up for so long. If this is whats slowing down Versus XIII's development, I think we can all find it in ourselves to be even more patient.

GraveLord2388d ago

Don't get your hopes up.

Anyway I'd rather them release Versus than announce a remake of VII. IF they release for Vita though that'd be better since it wouldn't take as much time as a PS3 game....

Or better yet release it on ALL platfroms. PS3 + Vita + 360 + Wii U + PC. Get everything to experience this amazing game again in glorious HD. This would take a lot of time though. So unless this has been worked on for years, its unlikely!

K26sephiroth2388d ago

Well if you take in to consideration what Tetsuya stated that a team has been working on a secret game yet to be announced then it is possible that they have been working on this game for some time now.

iamtehpwn2388d ago

The XIII/XIII-2 team is now unoccupied, meaning they have the choices between Final Fantasy XV and FF7 remake. It'll be interesting to see which one they choose.

dubt722387d ago

Can you imagine the outcry if FF7 released on an xbox? There would be such weeping and gnashing of teeth, hahaha!

Shang-Long2387d ago

this may be the one ff that would do better as an exclusive. they've tested the water, it didnt go the way they expected.'

develop it 4 the ps3, and then just do a port when they want too

so much can be done in the game if done right.

DualityBear2388d ago

Would rather have Final Fantasy 6 but whatever.

Snookies122388d ago

While I kind of agree, FF 7 needs a remake more than 6... FF6 works really well with the sprites, it looks good for back then, it really does. Look at FF7 these days, the character models are atrocious. I think 7 would benefit more from a remake than 6, despite the fact I would die for a chance to see Kefka in his final fight in HD... o_o

maniacmayhem2388d ago

Wasn't that part 3 in the U.S.? If so then yes I'd rather have FFIII. That to me was the best FF game.

I could only imagine playing the one guy who could use street fighter moves.

Snookies122388d ago

Yeah FF6 was FF3 over here. Until the actual FF3 came out for DS lol. ^^

Fullmetalevolust2388d ago

AYA! Yet another article about this, let it breathe for a second. lol

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