When consoles and PCs collide: Unreal Tournament 3 reviewed by Ars Technica

It's easy to dismiss Unreal Tournament 3 as a relic from a bygone time in gaming history, but as you dig deeper into the levels, the weapons, and the vehicles, you'll see just how many fine tweaks and adjustments Epic has made to the game. That's just on the PC. On the PS3, Epic has delivered a game with great performance that embraces the things that make PC gaming great and that creates a completely open system for new content. Well, eventually.

There is something to be said for sticking to a formula that works and continuing to make it better, and with the purchase of Unreal Tournament 3 you know you'll be enjoying new content and game types for a very long time. Sure, gamers used to the older versions may be taken aback by some of the changes, but stick with it. You'll find a fast, fun, and slightly insane competitive first-person shooter with a well-designed new game type in Warfare.

What a difference a hoverboard makes.

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Avto3839d ago

all in all a very good review they came up with some good points but single player is very good if you're new to this game and if you're a pro don't play it at all

JsonHenry3839d ago

This game is old news to PC gamers. That is why we are not playing it. But it is relatively new to console gamers. So enjoy console guys!

Armyless3839d ago

While many people woulden't bother having two consoles, almost every gamer has a PC. I played the original UT and Unreal on the PC and still managed to own a Dreamcast, PS1, and PS2.

JsonHenry3839d ago

If you own a PC then you know as well as I do that UT3 is nothing new than a refresh that gaming PC owners are getting bored with.

If you have ever owned a console then you know that UT3 brings a lot of NEW things to the console realm which is why it is being so well received.

There is nothing wrong with UT3, don't get me wrong. I am just bored with the game type on my PC and I want something new and refreshing.

Guwapo773839d ago

You should pick this game up...its retarded fun. Recommend the mouse and keyboard!

Tru_Blu3839d ago

I feel em. I loved PC gaming, FPS the most. Sh1t costs way to much now. I'd have to spend 1k at least to make a good rig, no thanks. They need to realize that, do not push it so far. When 95% of comps can't run the game, you only have 5% available to buy your game. And if you're lucky 1% will buy it, forget PC's at least for me.

KidMakeshift3839d ago

I have it for the PS3. I've only played the single player campaign, which is pretty long. The only problem I have is that my squad A.I. seems downright retarded compared to the enemy A.I.. The enemies are pretty smart and work strategically while my guys all break off and leave our bases open for attack.

roybatty3839d ago

If you hit the d-pad, you can give squad or individual orders.

KidMakeshift3839d ago (Edited 3839d ago )

I used that and the order settings in the pause menu, but they're still stubborn compared to the enemy.

I'm only playing it on normal. What's the difference between the difficulties? Is it like Halo, where the A.I. seems twice as smart and twice as many?

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