Proof that Heavy Rain inspired BBC's Sherlock

Sherlock takes inspiration from Heavy Rain. Game People uncovers proof:
'As if to disclose the source of their inspiration for those in the know, as the show first reaches for the words-on-the-screen technique Sherlock says "It's obvious isn't it? She's been in HEAVY RAIN in the last few hours... where has there been HEAVY RAIN and strong wind in that time?"'

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ThatEnglishDude2351d ago

Ummm...this article was posted 9/9/2010. How did this get approved?

RaidensRising2351d ago (Edited 2351d ago )

Kind of validates the inclusion of Heavy Rain in the current top 5 article

That said, Sherlock Holmes has only recently hit our TV screens via the BBC.

paulgovan2351d ago

Totally agree. It is certainly far reaching.

paulgovan2351d ago

Date was an error (corrected) on the referenced article which was published today with reference to the second season of Sherlock.

DMason2350d ago

Sigh, if only the writer did some research, he would know that the first pilot was made in 2009 but was not broadcasted. Heavy Rain was released in Feb of 2010.

GribbleGrunger2351d ago

it doesn't take Sherlock Holmes to work out that he mentioned the second series and that it came out at the end of 2011. therefore the date has to be wrong.

SilentNegotiator2351d ago

Seems pretty elementary to me.

GribbleGrunger2351d ago (Edited 2351d ago )

once you've eliminated all the possibilities, what you have left must be the answer, no matter how improbable!

Britainz-Fin3st2351d ago

Sherlock homes is possibly the worse film ive ever seen, comparing it to any game is a damper.

Me-Time2351d ago

typical british arrogance. I'm kidding.

it's not the movie, it's the show.

Hatmantc2350d ago

they are talking about the tv series not the movies with Robert Downey Jr

CarlitoBrigante2351d ago

Heavy Rain is one of the best games this generation.

kingdavid2350d ago

Not much of a game though. Lets call it an "experience"

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Fez2351d ago (Edited 2351d ago )

This is a complete stretch of the imagination. The mind palace or mind map technique has been around for ages and is different from an actual virtual reality created with the ARI. A mention of heavy rain could clearly be coincidental along with the vague resemblance of white writing on screen.

I would say Sherlock was more inspired by the writing of Arthur Conan Doyle myself.

Btw, HOW did he do it? HOW?

padz12351d ago (Edited 2351d ago )

Body switch, molly helped him I imagine. But all will be explained in the third series:D

fei-hung2351d ago


Agreed. He kind of gave it away when he spoke to Dr Watson telling him it is all about what you make people believe in their brains (referring to the kidnapped girl thinking Sherlock kidnapped her).

Before he jumps off, he asks Molly for help and then before he jumps, he hammers it into Watsons head he will jump.

We see someone jump / fall of the building but we do not know whether he threw Moriarty's body off or whether he himself jumped.

Watson never got a clear look at Sherlock and he was disorrientated. We saw what Watson saw from being in shock etc.

I think it was either an already dead body made to look like Sherlock or Moriarty as there is no way in hell Sherlock could get down that building within a minute.


paulgovan2351d ago

I think you are right lol

Fez2351d ago

Yeh, that's what I thought. Great series.

Lucreto2351d ago


I think you are right


I don't think Moriarty is dead he seems too clever for that. I suspect he hired a lookalike or earlier in the episode he was pretending to be an actor for the reporter but I thinking that actor did exist and Moriarty swapped places with him and just like when he was trying to get Sherlock to jump the actor was blackmailed to kill himself to protect someone else.


gaden_malak2351d ago

You're both wrong.

Moriaty is dead because that was the only way he could beat Holmes.

As for the bodyswitch, he didn't throw the body you clearly saw Sherlock turn and fall off the building, it was also moving. Watson was also watching he would have seen the switch.

The bike, the truck, Mycroft and possibly Molly are the key to this.

padz12351d ago (Edited 2351d ago )

Hmmm did anyone else see the big rubbish truck by the road? i reckon Sherlock jumped into that after Watson was disorientated and after the dead body had hit the ground :)

@gaden if I remember correct you do see Sherlock hurtling through the air however i reckon as i said above that it was into the rubbish truck. it is not the that same scene that you see the body hit the floor. They have edited it so you think he has jumped straight onto the pavement but I think the body is what was on the pavement and sherlock is in the rubbish truck

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IHateYouFanboys2351d ago


You've got to be kidding me. I think Sherlock also said the word "chief" once, so the show was clearly influenced by halo.

Or, you know, he was actually talking about the heaviness of the downpour when he said "heavy rain"? Lol ita not like heavy rain is an alien term - its been a regular phrase for as long as phrases have been around. This is fanboys reaching for validation at its reaching very finest lol

GarandShooter2351d ago

Do you factually know the author/contributor or website to be fanboys? Or is this just more of your fanboyism? Self-loathing must be a bitch.

I'm not saying the author's premise is correct, nor that I agree.

I'm saying you assigning him motivation, without proof to back it up, is ridiculous and probably more a reflection of yourself.

Krew_922351d ago

I agree, why is it when someone makes an improbable claim, they instantly turn into fanboys?

If you tell me, whoever uses the term fanboy at all in their comments, and is directing it at someone. They ARE the fanboys.

2351d ago
ninjahunter2351d ago

Even if it was a valid point One question comes up, Why does it matter?

paulgovan2351d ago

I guess in many ways, who cares right? But also it is good to see games getting out there into the culture. Certainly adds weight to them being something worth spending time on rather than just being kill kill kill.

h311rais3r2351d ago


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