Top 5 most influential games of this console generation

What are the most influential games of the current console generation? Agree or not, here's five picks that make valid candidates.

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bunt-custardly2352d ago

Well, I love a new direction, and until Bioshock I can safely say I've never played anything like it before. Very few games can achieve that in their first outing.

dark-hollow2352d ago

bioshock 1 was truly a shocking (in a good way) experience the first time a played it in 2007.
even after that period, i have never been in an awe from a game this gen after bioshock 1

TheXgamerLive2351d ago (Edited 2351d ago )

As well as Gears of War and the Call of Duty franchises, and a HUGELY influential game carried over from last gen to this gen "Tomb Raider" This game has been a major influence and is seen in numerous games including uncharted.
However Heavy Rain? and LA Noire? Is this a joke? Their definately not influential, I feel maybe the author doesn't even understand the meaning of the word. HR isn't even a true game IMO. It's a watch point n click little title and LA Noire was a huge disapointment. Everybody crazes the faces look at the faces, well where was the exciting gameplay. Very slow paced and boring. To easy and the stories/cases were lackluster.
The Gear series is copied by so many and has shown it's influence and yes the GTA series as well.
Bioshock came out running w/such a unique feeling, the tone in itself was so exciting and then a great story and gameplay shines all through. Fallout 3 honerable mention.

My hat's off to those.

Kurt Russell2351d ago

"Everybody crazes the faces look at the faces" made me lol.

But I agree about LA Noire and Heavy Rain not being as influential as suggested. Both games are great, but I wouldn't say they've led the charge on many clones of themselves.

Kakihara2352d ago

Bioshock was the first game I played of this generation, this is after taking a break from gaming as a hobby for about three years or more. I'm still feeling the panic that took over me when I was sitting in the dark trying to relearn how to control a game, get used to the amazing jump in quality since the last game I played and get out of that damn bathysphere before the creepy mutant thing cut through the roof and killed me.

Even though I felt Bioshock dragged quite a bit as it went on I'm still really glad it was my intro to this gaming generation. The whole intro sequence to that game is just the perfect way of saying, 'okay, put down your old games. THIS is what gaming is gonna be like from now on'.

otherZinc2351d ago

Uncharted, Heavy Rain, & LA Noire shouldn't be there at all. What did they do, nothing that isn't done with new tech each year.

Also, I hope like hell "scripted" play isn't the future or I'm out, thats BS!

Where is Halo, with the Forge Play & Saved Film? That's innovation. People need to stop hating & force game-play in the right direction!

h311rais3r2351d ago

ur going to get flamed fir mentioning halo on this site. It has changed much in the industry such as the forge (i have never seen a map editor work that way) and the way the films work. while halo did not invent saved films or map editors it put a very interesting twist on them. besides before CoD4 halo was the series to beat.

STK0262352d ago

I don't agree with Heavy Rain and L.A. Noire; while I enjoyed both games (well, mostly Heavy Rain, as L.A. Noire had a number of issues), I don't think we can call them "influential", at least not until some other developers make games that have been influenced by these two games. As of today, Heavy Rain is still prety much unique, its gameplay and its way of telling a story is still pretty much unique, as even today, most games come with shallow stories that provide little to no character development. And, still to this day, new IPs are somewhat rare, as big publishers usually try to keep it safe and create games in known universes; Ubisoft is still putting the "Tom Clancy's" logo on every single game featuring guns, if not, it must be an AC game. Activision is making a killing with CoD and Blizzard, EA is sticking to MAdden and Battlefield, etc.

gillri2352d ago

indeed they arent influential

Uncharted and Gears of War particularly the latter is veyr influential

ZippyZapper2351d ago

Above. You going to deny that Uncharted took a lot from Gears?

hassi942351d ago

People that disagree with this are idiots. Whether you like the games or not (I don't like Gears), they have influenced a lot of games, a lot of games have used various elements that Gears created or popularised.

Heavy Rain and LA Noire, on the other hand, have not influenced any games. LA Noire hasn't been out long enough to influence anything, and I doubt many people are going to keep making games of the Heavy Rain formula; they'd get very old very quickly. It's cool to have one or two just because it's different, but for the majority of the time people still want to play proper games.

trouble_bubble2351d ago

Gears fanboys tend to think Gears invented everything, even games that predate Gears lol.

Fact is, Gears and Uncharted were in development AT THE SAME TIME. Neither could have copied the other. Crazy, I know.

Uncharted, when it was still referred to as 'Untitled' as it didn't have a name yet, had PICTURES in little things called MAGAZINES a strong year before release that already show Drake in cover in the opening levels of the game. Around the pillars in the jungle after he comes out from underground.

There is nothing intentionally copied from Gears. Not that nausea inducing CNN run. Not the QTE active reload. Not the 4 weapon loadout. Not talking with your finger to your ear every 30 seconds about "Roger Delta Alpha". Not the brumacks, not the vehicles, not the melee, not the undead father and undead wife, not the Unreal Engine.


P_Bomb2351d ago (Edited 2351d ago )

Heavy Rain influenced nothing, Hassi? Many devs praised it and said they took influence from it. Off the top of my head, Fable 3 was inspired by Heavy Rain and Uncharted http://www.computerandvideo...

Senior design director Josh Atkins:
"I think you'll see... there's influence [from Heavy Rain] without question in how our interaction systems work and in how all [the player's] decisions work.

"There was many things we liked about that game, but one of the key things that they did was that the decisions you made rooted into the game world. Your eyes are always fixated on the game world - you're not looking down at the interface."

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kaveti66162352d ago

I know. The only one on the list that I thought was influential was Modern Warfare.

BABY-JEDI2351d ago

I think a lot of people are missing the point of HR. The challenging/mature subject matter. The control scheme's (like it or not). The presentation. I think HR is a glimpse into the future of a much wider market.

STK0262351d ago

But I still don't think we can call it one of the most influential games at the moment. This doesn't mean it's a bad game, nor does it mean it won't influence future games; but few, if any games on the market today, show any influence from Heavy Rain (or L.A. Noire for that matter).

On the list, they include Call of Duty 4 as an influential game; just look at Homefront, and plenty of other games, for the most part FPS, but even some non-FPS games clearly have been influenced by CoD4.

Will future games be more like Heavy Rain? In many ways, I hope they do, but as of right now, Heavy Rain is still unique; little to no game has taken a similar approach to story-telling, the story in HR is still one of a kind in gaming, as most games today come with place-holder stories, etc.

IWentBrokeForGaming2352d ago

Gears of War for sure...

But games I feel that are a model of whats to come Next-Gen = Uncharted, Heavy Rain, and GOW3... the quality of graphics with story/gameplay to match. Those games are a glimmer of what Next-Gen has to branch from in my opinion!

admiralthrawn872352d ago


GOW3 is awesome but it was the same as the previous two games. It hasn't spawned any great copycats, because it wasnt really unique to begin with. Its simply the best hack n' slash, nothing more. Heavy Rain was unique and fun but i don't see any real industry changing things coming from it. Uncharted was influenced by gears of war, and i agree that it will be the main reason dev's step it up on cinematics and storytelling integration, even though i'd argue portal 2 does it better.

Demon's Souls/Dark Souls will hopefully change things up from the easy games you can play while sleeping.

ginsunuva2352d ago

Uncharted only used Gears for some covet mechanics, which Gears took from Kill.Switch. Cover-based shooting is only about 40% of what UC is.

ronin4life2352d ago

And uncharted's climbing and jumping comes from Prince of Persia, while their cinematic themes come from Hollywood. The other 60% isn't original either, and even if it was, hasn't been very influential to all of gaming. And that is what this story is about in the first place.

trouble_bubble2351d ago (Edited 2351d ago )


How did Uncharted "use" Gears cover mechanics when they were both in development at the SAME TIME and pictures were out a year before Uncharted released, before it even had a name, that already showed Drake in cover?

Don't help perpetuate that stereotype. There are too many newb gamers this gen as is who just got their first console. Gears does NOT own the 3rd person cover patent.

MANHUNT ON PS2 had a freaking duck and cover system in 2003. Fast forward to 3:53

007 EVERYTHING OR NOTHING and 007 FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE both had a fully thought out 3rd person cover system YEARS before Gears and Uncharted. Fast forward to :57 and listen to Jeff Gerstmann talk about Bonds cover system in EoN.

Fast forward to 1:30 and see Sean Connery beat Drake and Fenix to the pop'n' cover gameplay in From Russia with Love

Nevermind Kill Switch, Fenix owes some royalties to Bond and Cash as well.

Wh15ky2351d ago

"Heavy Rain was unique and fun but i don't see any real industry changing things coming from it"

The idea of a dynamic storyline, every decision you make throughout the game has a chance of changing the path of the story. Heavy Rain did this aswell as it could with current gen hardware but what Heavy Rain did manage to achieve in this respect will hopefully be the launching pad for what we will see next gen.

Linear FPS games will not be the dominating genre next gen. Story telling in gaming has to evolve and new hardware should allow for this.

As far as this article is concerned I think it's a bit premature sighting Heavy Rain as influential. I'm just hoping it will be.

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Dee_912352d ago (Edited 2352d ago )

"'influence' pertains to success, reception, perception from those playing and the respect gained from others who are developing games."

"industry changing"
Alot of Games that copy said influential game.

NeoBasch2352d ago (Edited 2352d ago )

Uncharted and Heavy Rain are both extremely influential. Didn't we just have an article detailing a lot of the devs favorite games this generation, and those two in particular were listed a helluva lot. Not to mention, I do believe there's been numerous articles where devs have explicitly stated being influenced by these two games. Hold on, let me check. Yep, here you go:

BioShock and Modern Warfare were listed once each. lol GTA IV nor LA Noire were even listed.

Here are just a couple recent influences that came off the top of the search enginge.

Heavy Rain

Fable 3: http://www.product-reviews.... (Inspired by Uncharted as well)
Telltale's Jurassic Park:
BBC's Sherlock:


Tomb Raider Reboot: lol
Killzone 3:
The next Splinter Cell:

Yeah, there's a ton more where that came from.

SuicidalTendencies2352d ago

What the hell are you smoking? Uncharted is a rip off of Tomb Raider, which is a rip off of Indiana Jones.

Heavy Rain hasn't influenced anything. Those story heavy games have been around for years. Every play Myst?

dark-hollow2352d ago (Edited 2352d ago )

their favorite games /=/ their most influenced.

a lot of developers has being influenced by cod 4 and you can actually see the effects of this influence apparent on their games.

Tachyon_Nova2352d ago

I love how people will disagree with you and by effect claim that cod hasn't been influential, yet I'm sure most of them will go on to complain about how it has casualised modern shooters...

NeoBasch2352d ago (Edited 2352d ago )

Multiplayer, sure. But most devs are focused on single player, and I hardly hear any state that they've been influenced by Modern Warfare's campaign. When a game is revealed, what is the first feature shown off? Typically, the campaign. So, this is where I'd ask for examples.

Of course, a favorite game is not necessarily the most influential, but more often than not they are. For instance, I'm heavily influenced by my top 10 favorite games of all time. I'm sure I'll borrow many designs without ever knowing it in the future.

If you were a designer, artist, or other creative person, and you were asked for your favorites, wouldn't you list the most influential? The ones that affected you in some way emotionally, that'd you hope to accomplish in your own future works. Of course! So, in my mind, this is a ridiculous statement.

For most non-creative types, your statement would make sense, but for those designing these games they are probably the same.

P_Bomb2351d ago (Edited 2351d ago )

It's funny Neo. Senior design director for Fable 3 Josh Atkins specifically tells us how Heavy Rain and Uncharted influenced practical gameplay and design elements in Fable 3, then someone here tells us again that Heavy Rain hasn't influenced anything. It's a futile argument.

BillytheAlien2352d ago (Edited 2352d ago )

Uncharted should have a mention, the storytelling and cinematic gameplay raised the bar for adventure/action games, especialy if they're third person shooters.

For Modern Warfare I think in my opinion that it's basicaly CounterStrike for noobs.

GTA4.....I don't know to be honest

I don't think it was influential on us or developers. The firsr GTA games were for games like Saints Row, Just Cause or any open world games but I don't see how GTA4 was.

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