Rumor – Xbox Sports Network Returning

There's been rumblings throughout the week, but with no confirmation, that Take Two and Microsoft are brokering a deal that would give Microsoft the resources to resurrect the XSN line of sports games.

XSN was the original first-party sports line for the Xbox brand. The short lived line of sports games ran from 2003 to 2004 with the face of the line being Peyton Manning who was the cover athlete for NFL Fever. Most of the brands established by XSN are now owned by Take Two's 2K and 2K Sports lines.

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ThaGeNeCySt3877d ago

Not so sure about this rumor... I thought MS getting rid of the XSN was to get EA Sports games onto their system

jackdoe3877d ago

Weren't a lot of the XSN games garbage to begin with as well?

vgn243877d ago

EA Sports had launch titles on Xbox... I thought. I could be wrong. NFL Fever and Amped were good. Graphically amazing back in the day, but rough in terms of gameplay. If it's true, I hope they do it right this time.

ThaGeNeCySt3877d ago

@ Jack Doe

NBA Inside Drive was one of the best b ball games to ever be made simulation wise... it's why NBA 2k6-7-8 made such strides when they took those developers in

@AcFreeze... i'm not too sure but I do remember hearing something about XSN disbanding because of EA Sports

Tranz3877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

I hope this is not true... all those games sucked... except TopSpin
and yea the graphics were top notch... but almost unplayable.

Pain3877d ago

never noticed. Mabey EA Sports had something to do with it?

dle3877d ago

With MS marketing strenght, it would be a good thing for Visual Concept. VC sport games are on par if not better than EA in many cases, but never enjoyed the same level of sales as EA's titles. Take Two was not strong enough to help VC compete with EA. MS can help the flourish.

BIoodmask3877d ago

IMO. 2K sports has always been superior to EA. If 2K was behind the Microsoft branded franchises like NFL fever it could truly bring the Microsoft lineup of Sports franchises to life.

Another highpoint is that the 2K quality games would be exclusive to the Xbox brand. It could really drive sails of the 360. I am sure that there are a lot of fans of 2K sports games in the gaming community.

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