40° Red Riding Hood Computer Entertainment System, Average User Settings FRAPSED

So in the last videos, GamerX showed us everything completely turned up on ultra — what happens when we turn the quality to Ultra/High? The frame-rate goes up as well. Demonstrated on the below video, with an emphasis on the FRAPS recorded numbers in the upper left hand portion of the screen are Skyrim, ACR, and DNF – all running Ultra/High.

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VaguelyErected2354d ago (Edited 2354d ago )

Why don't you show us the actual console with your camera? Let me guess: Because it doesn't actually exist, but then, you are already taking pre-orders to an offshore server. Piece of shit.

GamerXGATT2352d ago

Hmm guess you haven't watched ANY of the videos... you can clearly see they are all coming from the system. It actually exists I am typing to you off it right now... What you need someone to come slap you in the head for you to see it in order to believe in it? Don't believe in it? Each order is backed by either Amazon A-Z or Paypal Verified. Get with the times, its not the 1990s anymore.