Dark Souls (PS3) Review *Brutal Gamer*

From Software have had a strange past. Always managing to produce the goods in each generation in the weirdest of ways. Nobody really thought the original Demon Souls, published by Sony as a PS3 exclusive, was going to set a genre alight when it was released last year. The game appeared dreary, limited in scope and weirdly obscure. Little did anyone realise that these things boiled down to an essential gaming experience that was second to none.

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TheDivine2380d ago

Great game. They added a dark souls theme on ps3 if anyones interested. Its not the best but its 3 bucks and i wanted to support the dev's on this one.

Tanir2380d ago

the game is amazing, tho on ps3 themes .com they have a free dark souls dynamic theme that is alot better then the one on the psn