Attachment Rates for Console Titles as of Nov. 24, 2007

The followings are some North American top 10 lists of units sold relative to the install base for the particular console system(s) the titles were released for. In other words, the percentage states the percent of owners of a particular console that bought the game.

• Top 10 bestsellers for last week
• Top 10 bestsellers relative to console install base since the launch of all three consoles
• Top 10 bestsellers for Wii
• Top 10 bestsellers for Xbox 360
• Top 10 bestsellers for PS3

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Meus Renaissance3947d ago (Edited 3947d ago )

Almost half of Xbox 360 owners purchased Halo 3? I will be very interested to see hardware sales of the X360 come next year. Very interested.

I made a prediction a few months ago that Halo 3 software sales will dry up dramatically. I've been keeping an eye on it in the sales charts, in Europe, it's out of the top 20 and that's surprising as its the flagship title for the market leader. In North America, I think a similar picture is painted there although I can't be sure.

Rooftrellen3947d ago (Edited 3947d ago )

Actually more than half of 360 owners have it, because it seems as if many 360 owners actually own more than one 360! This means the number of 360 owners is less than the number of 360s sold.

It's fair to calculat it, of course, by consoles sold, but we should remember that it's not quite the case most of the time.

I can't say I get it, myself, why Halo 3 has sold so much, but 360 owners must see something I don't.

Edit: @1.2

That's true, but anyone claiming to be a hardcore gamer (like most of the people buying Halo 3) isn't going to be so easily moved by seeing an advertisment everywhere...unless maybe MS paid to have the Halo 3 logo tattooed to the back of everyone's eye lids, though with everywhere else the ads were, it wouldn't suprise me...

blusoops3947d ago

They see advertisements on coke cans, billboards, tv, fast food places, gas stations, just about everywhere.

ukilnme3947d ago

Sure people own more than one 360. Why not if you can afford it. There are some out there that own more than one PS3 and Wiis as well so the actual number of owners for those consoles are lower than the number sold. Just wanted to point that out.

Texas GMR3947d ago

It's not perfect, but it's a lot of fun to play on and off line.
The media hyped it up so much that every Microsoft and Halo hater wanted to see the most perfect game ever made. Once it wasn't, the floodgates were open for everyone to get there digs in.

It's like me saying "I don't know how people can play Madden". It's not my game, but I know alot of players who love it.

To each their own. We as gamers need to stop bashing every game that we don't care to play or that isn't on our console of choice.

Rooftrellen3947d ago

Yes, but I already have the Sony fanboys against me for quoting a certain part of an article that called an older version cell obsolete.

The last thing I need is the 360 fanboys after my bubbles as well for pointing out that more PS3 and Wii owners are buying games than you might think by the hard numbers.

Xbox is the BEST3947d ago

is still the most played game on Xbox 1 on-line.

bababrooks3947d ago

hey meus, i get what your saying. one problem that the 360 has at the moment is the amount of good games, i for 1 cannot buy them all ,unfortunately some will pass me buy!
then there is the ps3 and a soon to be wii, things are great in the gaming front.i am one fortunate guy that likes games no matter the hardware(i actually do enjoy the fanboy banter on this site as it makes things competitive!)we as gamers all win.if you can make anything out of that mumbojumbo you are some man.

ukilnme3947d ago

LOL. My bad. The last thing that I wanted was for your bubbles to be hunted by fanboys. LMAO.


Real Gambler3947d ago

It's rather impressive to see that all three consoles get about the same attachement rates... Apart from the Halo effect, it's a quite interesting match between the two big consoles:

Gears of War (34.4%) Resistance: Fall of Man (35.5%)
Forza Motorsport 2 (15.0%) Motorstorm (30.5%)
Madden NFL 08 360(14.7%) Madden NFL 08 PS3 (18.4%)
Fight Night Round 3 (12.7%) Fight Night Round 3 PS3(12.8%)
Call of Duty 3 (13.4%) Call of Duty 3 (11.9%)
Oblivion 360(15.9%) Oblivion PS3(10.9%)

HarryEtTubMan3947d ago

I'm gonna have a huge collection of PS3 games when its all said and done.

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Jack Bauer3947d ago

YES... im one of the .41% of people who own WotG on 360!!

mikeslemonade3947d ago

This is pretty meaningless stat update. This basically shows how each system has appealed to the hardcore and the casual. The Wii is the most causual and the PS3 is the most hardcore. As of anyone didn't know that already. Move on... next story please.

Astro3947d ago (Edited 3947d ago )

Super Mario Galaxy is the reall killer-app in America, look that attachment ratio, it's incredible. Halo 3 and Gears are moving really good numbers too. And it's incredible to see that 1 year old games like The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess are still selling amazing (more than 33k). Meanwhile, the PS3, well.......

goodganja443947d ago

Attach Rates is the only thing XBots can hang their hat on. Now that hardware sales are declining rapidly, they need some kind of excuse to feel good about their console.

P L A Y B 3 Y O N D

ukilnme3947d ago

You just continue to troll and pull stuff out of your @ss to make yourself feel good about your console. Keep hating loser while Wii Jump In and Play Beyond.

PSWii60 FTW!!!

Rooftrellen3947d ago

The attach rates of the 360 do look a lot like an end-of-lifecycle trend, but this seems to be more due to the people who have a 360 buying a lot of games than the lack of console sales. The 360 console sales haven't been great, but they haven't been flat, either.

ukilnme3947d ago

With that logic what does that say about PS3 sales. Looks like the Wii is the only success then.

Grassroots3947d ago

Um he's missing Uncharted which had a great attach rate than Mass Effect if you do the math. I want Mass Effect to sell more, great game!

Kleptic3947d ago

haha I bought Mass Effect and do not own a 360 though...I wonder what percent of people fall into wierd catergories like that...

My roommates and I pretty much share a console each...I have the PS3, one guy has a 360...and one douche has a Wii...I have purchased 8 games this generation...7 being for the PS3...and 1 (ME) being for the 360...the 360 owner bought Metroid prime destruction for the Wii, and only has Gears, Halo 3, CoD 2 for the 360...the Wii owner has purchased super mario galaxy and Wii Play...thats it...because he is a cheap bastard that barely comes up with the money for rent...

the 360 owner is most likely going to buy Rockband...but claims to want it for the PS3 more than the clue why...but w/e, if he wants to that is fine with me...I have yet to really get into either GH or Rockband enough to justify buying either...they are great at parties, but its not something I would ever play by myself...

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