How IGN's Daemon Hatfield Should've Responded, Instead of Removing Review

GameZone's Matt Liebl analyzes the uproar over IGN's review debacle and why IGN never should have removed part of the PixelJunk SideScroller review. He offers insight as to how the whole situation should've been handled.

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JellyJelly2486d ago

Very interesting read. Describes most of todays gaming journalism in a nutshell. Amateurs rushing through games to get their articles out as fast as they can, without properly exploring the games they are writing about.

2486d ago
LeShin2486d ago

lol damn, talk about getting caught red handed! Man, I never trusted review scores, as I relied on the actual written content of the review to sort of give me an idea about whether I should or should not purchase a game.(Of course I don't always agree with the review...I bought Lair and loved it!)....but it seems you can't even rely on that these days...

I think I'll just stick to playing demos and listening to my friends to see if a game is worth the £40

lance422486d ago

Yea, I understand the tough position the reviewer is in, but just man up to what you did.

BushLitter2486d ago

More controversy in the reviewing industry.

Agheil2486d ago

He might have been on a tight deadline but its not fair to the developer. IGN is well known and if a bad review goes up it will have an impact.

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The story is too old to be commented.