Did SCEE Get The PixelJunk Sale Completely Wrong?


Earlier in the week the US division of SCE had all but the very latest PixelJunk games on sale for a dollar. The expectation – rightly – was that SCEE would do the same, and we could grab some of the PSN’s best games for a matter of pennies.

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Yi-Long2176d ago

... not the first time SCEE screws their European customers over though, so TBH I really shouldn't have been surprised.

Would have loved to have picked these games up for a dollar, but I guess I'll hang on to my money.

Blastoise2176d ago

Disappointing. Would have probably bought them all if they were a dollar/pound each

GribbleGrunger2176d ago (Edited 2176d ago )

and that my friend is exactly the point! what people forget is that it costs Sony and the devs NOTHING to distribute a digital copy of a game. there's no retailer involved, no box or box art either and no transit costs. most people will have looked at that deal in America and bought them all which, when considered as a whole, makes them as much as if you bought one game at full price.

if this is successful and it drove revenue up substantially, we may see similar offers in the future for other devs. hopefully, it eventually comes to Europe and Japan.

Shazz2176d ago

scee will never change unless customers complain then show them you wont buy the games . if people still buy them then scee will keep on fcuking

mr_badhand2176d ago ShowReplies(2)
PirateThom2176d ago

Monsters, Eden, Shooter and Racers are 79p with PS+... where's Sidescroller?! :(

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