Five Things Wrong With Mass Effect...

OXM US explain five things wrong with Mass Effect that don't matter:

OXM US Write:

"1. Elevator rides take longer than the release of Duke Nukem Forever.

No arguing that one. BioWare tries to entertain you now and again with some random chit-chat or news snippets, bu it's just a bad way to hide a bad load time. I'd rather stare at "Loading" – for some reason, it'd be less infuriating."

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Multigamer3960d ago

this is why it got high scores, cos these little niggles dont matter when the overall game is this good.

best game of next gen by far.

InMyOpinion3959d ago (Edited 3959d ago )

But still some people try so very hard to nitpick every potential flaw they can find. It's sad.

Call Of Duty 4's single player mode is extremely linear, short and scripted. At every encounter with the enemy nothing happens until you move forward to a certain point. The enemies just keep replacing each other. I don't see any reviewers giving it a 7/10 for that reason, and nor should they. The game is awesome and has great replay value in it's multiplayer part. I don't see wht they are so eager to tear Mass Effect apart when it's outstanding in all important aspects.

Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion is a glitchy mess in comparison to ME. The loading screens take forever and it's full of bugs that affect the gameplay. It still got tens everywhere and no one mentioned it's flaws, except for the screen freezing part.

I'm just saying...

Danny Dan3959d ago

I bought this game when it launched. Been playing it ever since and loving it. But when they say "framerate issues, and texture pop-ins" ... sure whatever, happens in everygame right? NO no no... When they mean framerate issues, they MEAN FRAMERATE ISSUES. It is unbelievable how bad the framerate is in this game. I promise you, one time I'm shooting an enemy like 10 M away... next thing you know freeze, and 2 seconds later he is right in my face, no lie.

Texture pop-ins.. not the occassional... but veeeeery common to see them. If you don't know what a texture pop-in is then get Mass Effect and you'll soon find out.

But despite allll of the issues (Which for me is only those two, and the fact that my dumbass 360 keeps giving me error msgs saying unable to read disc -.-) Mass effect is an awesome game.

"Everything that is wrong with Mass Effect is a peripheral matter. A side effect, something that annoys you in between the awesomeness."

LOL Perfect quote...

predator3960d ago

great game and 1 u can forgive for a few technical issues, that could be sorted out with a patch.

Madbrain3960d ago

Let me remind you a few of its review scores...
80/100 on Hardcore Gamer Magazine,
80/100 on EuroGamer,
85/100 on Play Magazine,
85/100 on GameSpot....

A true next-gen game is worth more than 95/100...

predator3960d ago

ok, what about the other 20 reviews its got, dont go bashing this game

power of Green 3960d ago (Edited 3959d ago )

What about those scores?. What matters is, the feeling of fulfillment/satisfied playing this game, the heart pumping danger when in a tuff battle I havn't felt this generation. The sense of adventure, the magnitude of it is unmatched.

The conntection with the life like believable charators you actually bond with(REX! is the MAN?, he's cool as hell)is heart felt, the immersive gameplay is unmatched(trying to bone the Blue chick)while dealing with human biggot reporters).

This game leaves you satisfied yet at the same time gets you excited to play it again and again.

* The sound: Powerful sound-Powerful sounding weapons= feel the power

* Depth: Make relationships forge your identity-customization is so deep it hurts in a good way.

* Action: stellar for an RPG enemy AI fucin out of this world

* Graphics: detail beats GeoW in ways- makes you forget you're playing a game creates the bond with believable looking ingame dialog scenes not even seen on consoles int the past, the envorinmental detail is on par with GeoW.

* Role playing: A game rarely makes a gamer feel so impowered with the evolution of a charactor making gamers actually feel this is more than a traditional game making you really seem like an important figure in a living breathing world.

mighty_douche3959d ago

"What about those scores?. What matters is, the feeling of fulfillment/satisfied playing this game"

this doesnt seem to be what you spread through out the ps3 section. hmmm... double standards.....

TheMART3959d ago

Oh right that's why it got 93% average overal

And that's why your beloved Ratchet & Clank is on 89% (below 90%)

Mwaan3959d ago

Bubbles up. Just, bubbles up.

HarryEtTubMan3959d ago

O look guys the "best game of this gen LMAOOOO" only beat Ratchet and Clank score by 4 %... anf thats not even a big Exclusive for the PS3 AT ALL. Just another good game to add in the mix. Mass Effect is boring and overhyped.. You will knows this unless your into Sci Fi soap operas. Microsoftd mistake(one of many) is releasing mainly shooter and Sci Fi games. Everyone says that. "36o only has shooters and Sci Fi games and although no 100% true its close... and lame. Microbucks makes what they think the kiddies will think is "cool". FVCKING GAY MAN. KILLZONE 2 IS GONNA SMASH EVERYTHING ON THE JUNKBOX 180. I hate the crappy crap FPS box. THATS ALL IT HAS AND ITS SOOO LAMEE!!!! There's sooo many more gmaes than only FPS!! I LOVE FPS but not only those really good and nothing else that good. 360 Sucks. Playstatoin Hom is gonna be badass and although being released next year it will be out for 9 or more long years. I can't wait.

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GameClearer3960d ago

those are the lamest reasons i have ever heard
oxm has lost all respect from me i now hate them
mass effect rules and if you dont think so, go eat a d!ck

InMyOpinion3959d ago

And when you're done gobbling on that d!ck, play the game so you get to see for yourself!

The Snake3959d ago

OXM gave Mass Effect a 10. Explain how this list makes you lose respect for them.

bumnut3959d ago

i could pick faults with every game i have ever played.

no games are perfect, and when we do find a perfect one, what would be the point in making more games just for people to say "its not as good as ....."

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