Portal's Chell Speaks. An Interview with Chell's Real Life Actress Alesia Glidewell

"TGL recently caught up with Portal's Chell's real life actress, Alesia Glidewell to chat about her experiences working on the game with Valve."

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WhiteLightning2638d ago

I hope for Portal 3 they will let her voice Chell and give her some Character development, I think theres a lot of potential for Chell as a character

It's 2011, Valve should try and make a game with a nice fully developed main character that can speak for once

I thought Portal 2 was the perfect chance they had, I mean fair enough the first Portal game was just a test to see if people liked it...and we did....a lot

Theres always moments in Portal 2 where you think it would be a perfect time for Chell to say something. Like when GLaDOS is the potato and your carrying her around, the portal writters are brilliant why couldn't of they added some funny dialouge between the two, maybe Chell speaks for the first time after GLaDOS goes too far and she could be completely stunned.

Or maybe Chell could speak her mind showing how alone she is in the test chambers, maybe she could speak about what she needs to do (if the player is taking to long to complete a test chamber) kind of like offering her own insight into the current situation or we could witness her cracking up under the pressure of being underground, lonley for so long like she could laugh nervously or mumble to her self.

Chell seems like a waste of a good chance at some character development, they have a great looking character they may aswell do something differen't from the mute Gordon Freeman and let her interact with the world or lab around her.

Gordon is differen't because he was mute back in 1998 when HL was released and we got used to that like what Gordon was known for having him speak in future games might of been off putting but Chell has so much potential. Erik said once that she can talk but she's just annoyed about her surroundings and is p!*sed off basicaly not wanting to give those around her the satisfaction of her speaking. I'm sorry but she can't be p!*sed off for two games even after being in statis for like over a 100 years.

I hope one day Valve will consider this, I'm sick of the whole "You feel like the main character" crap

t0mmyb0y2638d ago

Wasn't this already posted?