PSU receives Uncharted Drakes Fortune Review Press Kit (Images Inside)

Today PSU received the official review kit and press release for Naughty Dog's Uncharted: Drakes Fortune.

Quoted from PSU:
"Normally when publishers send us games, they're just basic game boxes, but with Uncharted: Drakes Fortune, this is no ordinary press kit.

When I opened the FedEx box this morning, I was amazed to find more than just a game; what I found was a diary. The diary of Sir Francis Drake (and a press release). Inside this book, I found a slew of journaled writings, maps, data discs, and a post card with holes to decode secret messages.

The beginning of the Diary starts with The Chronicles of Sir Francis Drake, and his life story. Then after a few pages, the diary ends, leaving a secret compartment for all of Nathan Drake's findings and his own diary.

Furthermore, Sony was kind enough to not only send us a review copy of the game, but also a sample of Uncharted's OST, composed by Greg Edmonson. Also on the OST is a hip hop track entitled " Uncharted: The El Dorado Megamix" performed by DJ Shadow."

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Real gamer 4 life4028d ago

Uncharted demo tomorrow hitting to your nearest psn account be ready!!

shmee4028d ago

I predict UNCHARTED to sell between 1m --1.5 m copies in EU on its launch weekened

UNCHARTED and HS will both sell over 100 000 copies in Japan too ---something not even halo 3 could achieve in Japan. Resistance being the only console FPS in Japanese history to cross the 100 k mark

Sevir044028d ago

and PSN has already got review copy... i hate them lol!!! i wish i had the game already but oh well.should be nice by friday we should see this review.

Bonsai12144028d ago

thats exactly what i was thinking. "its no halo review pack, but its more than just the game"

Violater4028d ago

A Skull for your cat to wear
, A free PS3And a duffel bag full of cat food,
And dont forget the post dated check
Then that would be Halo treatment

DJ4028d ago

You have to include an 80GB PS3 on top of all that. Oh, and an extra controller. =P

solar4028d ago

before i head off to work tomorrow im gonna start my download. hopefully the updates are up an running by then :D

socomnick4028d ago

Why didnt they give the review build to a non biased website like gamespot, gamepro , game informer, egm, ign, etc.

Danja4028d ago (Edited 4028d ago )

and why are you always trolling our articles....NE WAYS

I can't wait for 2morrow..finally...seems like an never ending wait for this game..atleast I can play the demo..over and over till the 19th..!!

remix4028d ago

little kids these days, shouldnt you be still eating your 2 apple sauce watching barny or somethin

socomnick4028d ago

I ain't trolling you idiot I actually like uncharted I cant wait to play it tomorrow if it impresses me enough I might get a ps3 this month for it. If its decent I might just beat it at friends house and wait for MGS 4 to come out.

Ares844028d ago

Those sites will get it too soon!!
Also how will you play it tomorrow??? Friends house I suppose?

But I know you!!! You are a huge Xbox 360 fanboy and you always put down the PS3....change of heart maybe?

socomnick4028d ago

I dont consider myself a fanboy I see potential for both systems. Reason I own a xbox 360 is it has software that appeals to me. Ps3 is lacking the type of games I want and up until uncharted has had nothing that has attracted my attention. I owned a ps1 and ps2 so im not a xbox 1 owner. I will buy a ps3 if or when it gets the types of games I like.

Grassroots4028d ago

the only thing that disappoints me is all the negative posts I see on these threads in all honesty.

Although, I can't hate because SOCOM is the greatest game so keep it coming i guess.

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The story is too old to be commented.