Xevious, Jagged Alliance & More Now Available on Nintendo Digital Channels

Get ready to go deep behind enemy lines in Xevious as this intense Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) classic gets revamped in 3D for Nintendo 3DS. This week also sees the release of Jagged Alliance, Game & Watch Gallery and more for Nintendo’s Nintendo DS family of consoles.

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mathsman2468d ago

Went to look at these a few minutes ago. 3DS battery is dead.

Always the way...

MorbidPorpoise2468d ago

Xevious looks alright I guess in 3D.. there's a 3D video on the E-Shop of it.

mathsman2467d ago

Thanks, I watched the trailer just now.

Looks good, I'd like to give it a go but £5.40?! That's twice the price it should be.

eferreira2468d ago

cmon nintendo, bring out the classics. mario land 2, mega man games and more. PLEEEAAASSSSEEE

Technical World2468d ago

these updates are getting worse. I want original games!!!! Virtual Console would be cool if it had more games and better games from more systems. GBA, GBC, GB, Game Gear, and there are so many more that I'm not remembering. Nintendo! Sign some contracts and make some deals to get better software to download. For the summer that's what will save the 3DS untill the holidays.

live2play2467d ago

look up mutant mudds, and mighty switch force