Voice Actor Spotlight: Mark Meer and Jennifer Hale

The Gamers Thumb: BioWare’s Mass Effect series has taken the gaming world and turned it on its ear with exciting new innovations in storytelling, gameplay mechanics and moral choices. But it also gives you the option to play through as a male or female Commander Shepard. No big change there, really, as we’ve had choices like that for years. But the amount of voice acting, the different dialogues and sheer number of choices you can make as either Male or Female Shepard is what truly boggles the mind.

But which Shepard is right for you? Whether you prefer to play it as a guy and live out your fantasy of sexing a hot blue alien woman or if you prefer to play it as a woman and live out your fantasy of watching a human woman and a hot blue alien woman get it on, BioWare has you covered… you sad, lonely little person…

Today, we’ll start with Female Commander Sheppard, as she’s taken a backseat to MaleShep in all of Mass Effect’s marketing and advertising campaigns. Ladies first, I always say.

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Blacktric2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

I really don't care what people say about how "boring" Mark Meer's Shepard is. He's awesome as awesome gets. Jennifer Hale is a legend of course. She especially did a great job as Naomi Hunter in Metal Gear Solid games.

tigertron2540d ago

I love Jennifer Hale's voice for Shepard, she makes her sound like a badass. Really gives femshep character and thats one of the reasons why I play as a femshep.

sonicsidewinder2540d ago

When i think of Jennifer Hale, Shepard is the last thing i think about.