Xbox 720: Needed price point and specs

Product-Reviews writes: Rumors are suggesting that Microsoft will reveal the next-generation Xbox at E3 2012, some people are suggesting that this will be called the Xbox 720, however this is unconfirmed, now let's look at possible technical specifications and a price point for the console.

Starting with price, obviously it is hard to predict a price as it's not known for sure what the next-gen Xbox will feature, however having insight from previous consoles helps. The Xbox 360 was available upon launch in two different configurations, $299 for the Core model and $399 for the Premium model, later on the Elite launched for $479, currently you can by the new smaller Xbox 360 250GB for just $299, so how much will Microsoft ask for the Xbox 720?

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_EvilMonkey_2441d ago

I think 2012 is a great year for MS to show us Next Gen. I know the 360 has plenty of life left to give but the DVD format just ain't gonna work for future games.

Focker4202441d ago

Thats what interests me the most. Are they gonna convert to the Blu-Ray or will they stick with the outdated DVD?? They will do nothing but hold the industry back if they don't move away from the DVD.

hennessey862441d ago

they will use a new form of media, there is no way they would stick with dvd9.

StayStatic2441d ago

Correct me if i am wrong but I'm not sure MS has rights to use blu-ray , ***looks at Sony / Panasonic.

Just be easier and cheaper to add a decent size HD and do multi-dvd installs imo, more money towards better hardware.

Also digital format is getting more popular these days eliminating need for discs.

Max_Dissatisfaction2441d ago (Edited 2441d ago )

thats why you buy those rights to use bluray. Duh
Xbox Force
Xbox Forever
Xbox Fusion
Xbox Future

Perjoss2441d ago

They don't have to go with blu-ray. I'm pretty sure other consoles in the past have gone with their own disc size that was slightly bigger than the normal going size.

Didn't the Dreamcast use a disc that was 1000mb compared to the available 700mb CDs?

Aarix2441d ago

Why does everything hath to have "blu-ray" I mean seriously. There are other disc formats other than blu-ray that belongs to Sony. Microsoft will more likely use hd-DVD or it's own disc. But their both will be outdated when next gen arrives.

JasonPC360PS3Wii2441d ago

Why would they need Blu-ray when there is so many other options? Nintendo wont use it, PC don't, and Xbox don't. Sony is the only one that uses Blu, and you still need to install every game because it's too slow. The only people who even wanted Blu-ray are movie buffs. With so many other options to play 1080p movies without a disc, Blu will just die out like all formats. Fact is only PS3 fanboys want Blu-ray on the Xbox because to them it's some kinda win.

malandra2441d ago

if MS announces a new console next year then it'll belong to a different generation than PS4, which won't come out until 2015 at the earliest and therefore will have very different capabilities

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danswayuk2441d ago

Do we really need disc, is 2012 the year for downloads and memory cards only?

coryok2441d ago (Edited 2441d ago )

most of the world allows less than 15 gb of bandwidth/month. if they went digital only they would be forced to make their games even smaller than they are being made for dvds to make sure people can download all the games that they want to download.

disks are the cheapest way to get the most out to your customers, disk based media will probably be around for years to come

microsoft just got done saying that they want the xbox to be the all-in-one hub of the living room (at e3). everything that you want connected to your tv connected through the xbox. they cant do that without bluray; either theyre going to abandon being an entertainment center (and waste all of the money that theyve been pouring into it) or theyre going to include bluray.
i would like to think that microsoft has a strategy and isnt spending years developing things that theyre going to use for a couple of months then throw away

maybe they'll try and create their own disk and compete with bluray? im not sure lol, that sounds like a suicide mission, but to each their own

SKUD2441d ago (Edited 2441d ago )

Yes. DD still has a VERY long way to go in terms of basic consumer rules (mainly return policies). Not to mention ISP bandwidth cost. A LOT of homes still lack the proper network infrastructure. Maybe in another 15 to 25 years these issues can be addressed on a cost effective global level.

thehitman2441d ago

I bet the next xbox will launch for $499 with double the power of the 360.

StayStatic2441d ago Show
SuperSaiyan42441d ago

Seriously how many stupid people are out there that FAIL to remember or read articles?

The 360 in Xbox 360 was used as it was Microsoft who said that it means to unite all gamers around the world hence the 360. Now you have people of fail that are saying 720 constantly just by doubling the number!

So in theory the next Playstation should be PS6 I mean we are about doubling numbers right so the 3 should then be 6 *rolls eyes*

I am getting sick to the teeth seeing 720 it will not be called that because then people will think 'Oh wait the Xbox 720 only does 720p' we will never hear the end of it!

Simco8762441d ago

You shouldn't get so worked up over a name dude. Its just a place holder to get the point across.

Calm the fuck down.

Felinox2441d ago

I've seen the name xbox Fusion thrown around some. That seems kind of cool, but whats in a name anyway? I remember when the Nintendo Revolution turned into the Wii. I thought the big N were smoking crack.

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