New PS3 Model Does Not Have PS2 Compatibility (Corrected)

The recent announcement of the CECH-3000B 320GB model which will consume less power and weight less, does not include PS2 compatibility.


Proper Translation reads:
"本製品は、「プレイステーション 2」専用ソフトウェアとの互換性を有しておりません。 "

Note the "互換性" says compatibility and "有しておりません。" means it doesn't have.

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Kain812470d ago (Edited 2470d ago )

Its about time^^
i think i sell my slim and buy this one^^if its true of course

dangert122470d ago

I just wish sony would do a ps2 classics like they did with the ps1 games instead of waiting for these hd remakes,

im playing grandia and final fantasy vii on my ps3 atm hd visuals and trophies care not for when it comes to these experiences

Kaz_HiPrice2470d ago Show
jadenkorri2469d ago

@ egidem
best pic ever and sums up everything

zeeshan2469d ago

Sorry not gona happen. It'll be more profitable for Sony and third party devs to release HD versions of PS2 games than to sell PS2 titles over PSN or something.

Army_of_Darkness2469d ago

I don't think anyone would be dumb enough to sell their current ps3 for this new model just because its ps2 compatible!!? You might as well just get a ps2 console for $50! Or less... Gawd, some people are just retarded...

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nopunctuation2470d ago

Sony is making way too much money selling repackaged HD collections that we already bought. PS2 compatibility will never return. Im alright with it though because collections have some easy trophies.

squallheart2470d ago

Very true its probably a bad translation. From what ive read on andriasang, its just a weight and power that are changing hell maybe even security.

slaton242469d ago

well the HD remakes dont mean u go buy them they could also be for the ppl who did not get the games in the past...if u have them good i buy the HD collections i dont own such as Gow and sly like me have a ps2 next to ur ps3 and stop whinning for not having will b ok...i bet when ps4 comes out it will b BC and on the store it will have ps1 and ps2 classics

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Iamback2470d ago

wow talk about ruining this site, it is now ugly as f...

ShamefulDispray2470d ago

So now we can play PS2 games on our PS3? Just in time for my MGSHD & ZOEHD Collections on PS3. Suckers around every corner.

Just according to Keikaku.

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cjflora2469d ago

I wish I could say the same. I got a slim after my fat died of the YLOD. I'll admit though that in the 2 years I had my fat I played PS2 discs maybe 2 or 3 times so I wasn't all that concerned about losing BC.

bloodybutcher2469d ago

well,my fatty yloded as well,but i bought another 60gb.hopefully it will last^^

sourav932469d ago

There's something wrong with the translation. After translating that page with other translator programs and websites, all of them translate that text about ps2 as "this system will NOT be compatible with playstation 2 with proprietary software(?)". Sometimes google translate isn't reliable and should be double checked with other translators.

gamingdroid2469d ago

Sony will not bring back Backwards Compatibility. They just found a new business model, remastered oldies!

M-A-R-S-H-A-L-L2469d ago

Oh darn. This got my hopes up for a minute there. :(

Kain812469d ago

i have read it, it was updated after my i didn´t know that it was a mistake...jeezzzz is that why i got so many diagrees???

Crazyglues2469d ago (Edited 2469d ago )

Ok, now your talking, I will indeed pick this up if true..


meganick2469d ago

Sony could add PS2 functionality to every PS3 with a simple firmware update. They just choose not to because they want the extra income from PS2 sales.

Aarix2469d ago

I dont think so. As far as my knowledge the "emotion engine" is needed to power the emulation. But that's not in all the ps3's

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YoungMoney2470d ago (Edited 2470d ago )

I knew it! I knew they would use software or a Sony app.

Cheeseknight282469d ago

What in the world would be the point in all the HD collections if they are just going to add PS2 support back in?

That'd be like flushing money down the toilet. Sony's a business and they will always do business in the mind of maximum profit while balancing maximum consumer satisfaction. Consumers are satisfied with HD remakes and those make them a lot more money than re-implementing PS2 support.

Madusha2470d ago (Edited 2470d ago )

I have a PS2 as well. Problem solved...and it's like $50 now? I'm sure you could get a used and good-condition one for like $20 =)

Kain812470d ago (Edited 2470d ago )

I have no room for all my Consoles under my TVs, so i appreciate it.
Btw i have my PSone and PS2 consoles, but i dont have them, connected to my TVs.
Btw i did not diagree with you, cause you are right too, its more a Personal preferences...

Aarix2469d ago

You WANT ps2 on ps3. You want to use your ps3 controller, you WANT to use your harddrive for online and YOU WANT unlimited memory

Rama262852470d ago

Surely this would be more mainstream news if true?? This is what people have been asking for for years, surely it at least deserves an official announcement??

Aloren2470d ago

Maybe it's too little too late. Really, 5 years after launch, when HD collections are announced every week... this announcement is not as meaningful as it would have been even just a year ago.

CNXN2470d ago

o fuck off really... i just bought a new one like a month ago damn better be software update and emulate