What to Expect from Zelda at E3

Nintendo's E3 press conference is only 3 days away, and we're expecting a lot of showings for the Legend of Zelda series. From Skyward Sword, to 25th anniversary announcements and Ocarina of Time 3D, to all of the rumors on potential Project Café and 3DS Zelda title announcements.

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ape0072723d ago (Edited 2723d ago )

the only thing that can shock zelda fans is a complete glorious High Definition showing of skyward sword right after unveiling the wii 2 console model and specs and BY HD I MEAN a TRUE NEXT GEN DNA, if that happened then that well be an iconic and an unbelievable night for Zelda fans and gaming in general

other than that the 3DS game looks stunning
and im hoping for a new super smash bros game on wii 2 that have the same WoW factor as melee was on gamecube

hope my expectations come true

MinusTheBear2723d ago

I hope to god this is the case. Zelda needs to make the jump to next gen.

AWBrawler2722d ago

Sorry, that ism't Zelda fans that you just described, ape.

I can think of countless things they could do to wow or shock me more than Graphics

ape0072722d ago (Edited 2722d ago )

dude, don't get me wrong,skyward sword look to have unique and refreashing world/ideas with wii 1:1, it's a shame to release all of these looking way too outdated, like something from 2003 zelda OOT shocked us cause it did have everything right gfx, gameplay, design etc..., there's no way for SS to be something HUGE unless it have HD GFX

AWBrawler2722d ago

it is already shocking me by being a mixture of Zelda, Monster Hunter, and RedSteel 2.

plus there are rumored sky battles.

Etseix2722d ago

Zelda is fine, as long as it has a GOOD gameplay mechanic/story/characters/dung eons/music/etc
thats why i couldnt finish Twilight Princess,

femshep2722d ago

i dunno the whole skyward sword concept alone turns me off from me.......hopefulyy they will have an actual live demo instead of a rehearsed video like last 1:1 *swings sowrd* 2 seconds later one screen sword swings.....the opposite way

im still waiting for a good Zelda that is like the old ones (pre-OOC)not that OOC was a bad game but its not the best in the series not to mention highly over rated at this point.....its nintendos FF7

i do miss the old games

ape0072722d ago

OOC is a bad game????


really what can I say

femshep2722d ago

i didn't say it was bad but it isnt the best.....was up there should be wasn't my bad

bigjclassic2722d ago

And I agree with the 1st poster a HD Zelda would shock the world

ChickeyCantor2722d ago

Then let us be in awe with a TRUE Cafe zelda.

AWBrawler2722d ago

Glad Nintendo is around, cause without them, I see majority of you would just want graphical updates. Somebody has to innovate